4 Exercises That Will Burn Fat Fast


Gearing up for the start of swimsuit season is one of the best motivators to get up and get moving. As the summer draws on, though, it can be hard to maintain the same enthusiasm. This is especially true when you’re greeted with extreme heat and humidity, which usually makes … Read More

What not to say to help your teen lose weight


If you want your teen to lose weight, the American Academy of Pediatrics has some advice: Don’t tell them that.

Doing so may raise their risk of developing unhealthy habits or even an eating disorder, the AAP states in new recommendations published online this week.

“The focus should be on … Read More

How to Beat a Muscle Growth Plateau

heavy overloading

You may be doing everything right: Hitting the gym regularly, adding weight to your lifts, eating right, and getting plenty of rest, but sometimes none of these things can stop you from hitting the dreaded plateau. Your body may just stall out leaving you unable to lift anything heavier or … Read More

10 Lies You’ve Been Told About Losing Weight


When it comes to losing weight, we often rely on information from the web, what we read on social media, and the people around us. It’s easy to find weight-loss advice from different sources, but determining what’s true and what’s a myth can be difficult. You’ll read tips that contradict … Read More

How You Can Eat More — and Still Lose Weight

Preparing a fresh treat

What if you concentrated on eating more foods that are good for you rather than trying desperately to completely avoid the bad ones? Can you actually eat more and still lose weight? Registered dietitian Julia Zumpano says you can. Here’s how it works.

Most trendy diets include some sort of … Read More

Do You Really Need to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Exercise to Lose Weight

When most people decide to lose weight, they go on a diet. It’s just automatic.

Exercising, however, tends to be a totally different story. After all, exercise takes time out of our already over-packed schedules, gym memberships don’t come cheap and, let’s face it, exercise isn’t the most exciting thing … Read More

How to Lose Weight: Get Probiotics Into Your Diet


If you’ve spent any amount of time searching the internet or supplement stores for magic weight loss pills, we’ll save you some time: they don’t exist. There are proven, effective ways to lose weight, and unfortunately, none of them are particularly fun or easy. If you’re wondering how to lose … Read More