10 Realistic Ways To Start Losing Weight

start losing weight

Putting on weight makes three quarters of women feel embarrassed. If you’re in the same boat, try these simple steps to shedding the pounds.

Gaining a few extra pounds is part of life, but half of women feel so embarrassed by it, they don’t want to get undressed in front … Read More

Watch Titanic For Fab Abs And An Army Of Friends

Fab Abs

Shedding tears over Devdas or Titanic can pay dividends in the gym. Researchers at University of Oxford got people to do wall-sits-the squat equivalent of a plank–after watching sad movies. The idea was that endorphins released on crying would increase the subjects’ pain threshold. And sure enough, the study found … Read More

Smart Breakfast Choice For Healthy Living

Smart breakfast

Are you skipping your breakfast for any reason? Be cautious! It is the most important meal of the day. If you are avoiding breakfast for reasons such as to lose weight or a busy lifestyle, you are mistaken. You have to be watchful with some knowledge of health and food … Read More

Kick-boxing, jogging help reduce belly fat


Try kick-boxing, which helps in burning maximum calories or jog, which increases your heart rate and improves metabolism, says an expert.

Here are tips by Yuvraj Randhawa, gym trainer, Health Plus (H+), on how one can reduce belly fat:

* Stair exercises: Stairs training will boost your cardiovascular stamina. It … Read More

Canola oil may help you lose belly fat

canola oil

Making canola oil part of your diet may help you burn extra abdominal fat in less than four weeks, finds a new study.

“Visceral, or abdominal, fat increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, and is also associated with increased risk for conditions such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Monounsaturated fats … Read More

Weight Loss Bumps Up Appetite More Than Threefold

Weight Loss Bumps Up

For every kg of weight they lost, patients in a new study consumed an extra 100 calories a day — more than three times what they would need to maintain the lower weight.

This out-of-proportion increase in appetite when patients lost a small amount of weight “may explain why long-term … Read More

Power Up Your Routine

Your Routine

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, professional athlete, or somewhere in between, it’s key to remember that a healthy lifestyle is more than simply crushing your workout routine — fueling your body properly throughout the day is just as important. In a perfect world, we’d have all the time in the … Read More