5 Common Diet Mistakes That Can Delay Your Weight Loss Goals

Diet Mistakes

Are you exercising and eating healthy but still not seeing results? Your diet may be to blame. Here are some of the common diet mistakes that you need to rectify to enjoy weight loss:

* Eating a low-fat diet:
Low-fat has become a catchphrase that is sadly equated with healthy food. However, low-fat foods are often high on sugar to make them tastier. They can also make you feel hungrier, thereby defeating the purpose of eating such foods.

* You may be drinking sugar: While you may be avoiding sugary foodstuffs, you may end up drinking it in the form of carbonated beverages, sweetened juices or coffee/tea with sugar.

* Ignoring nutritional labels: All food packets list several ingredients that throw light on how healthy it is for you. So, knowing that sucrose, fructose, maple syrup are all versions of sugar. If you see such names on the label, know that you are consuming a lot of it.

* You rely too much on exercise:
If you rely on exercise to lose weight, you may not end up seeing major weight loss. A combination of exercise and dieting can help you lose weight and keep it off.

* You indulge in salads: While salads are a healthy addition to your diet, they cannot substitute from eating a balanced diet. Salads don’t give you the requisite carbohydrates, and they may also contain unhealthy additives like high-fat dressing or candied walnuts which are unhealthy.

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