5 Dance Forms To Lose Weight This New Year!

Dance Forms

Weight loss: 5 dance forms for a good workout – Learn new dance forms this new year to flatten your tummy

Maybe you are thinking of making a new year resolution of learning something new in 2019 or are just looking forward to breaking a leg at the New Year party, but both of these plans may not be in line with one more plan for the year – weight loss. You may be trying to lose weight by following a strict diet, but let’s face it – the party season is all about sabotaging those diet plans. In that case, maybe the other half of a party, dancing can come to your rescue and help you burn those calories. Here are a few dance forms that are known to burn the most calories, and keep you going towards your perfect body goals.

An hour of dancing is said to burn around 400 calories, apart from other benefits like reduced cholesterol, controlled blood pressure and others. Many celebrities like Mouni Roy and Anushka Sharma also believe in the power of dancing for a fit and fab body. Here are a few dance forms that are known to burn the most calories, and keep you going towards your perfect body goals.

Belly dance

Absolutely sexy and sensual, belly dancing is the way to go if you are trying to get a flat belly and totally rock at the party. It helps to burn thigh and abdominal fat, makes the posture better and thus also keeps back and neck pains away.


One of the most favourite dance forms from around the world, learning hip-hop can be the next thing on your bucket list, or if you already know it, a great way to become the life of the party. The skilful dance form involves and exercises literally the whole body. If you go around the club or the party doing a hip-hop dance, you are likely to burn all the calories that you may be consuming at the party, and come back home absolutely balanced!


If you are looking to try something new with your partner, salsa may be a great choice. A salsa class of an hour can burn around 400-500 calories, and makes your body flexible and your reflex quick.


If you are looking to use a dance form as an exercise, you don’t need to go too far. Go indigenous with classical Indian dance forms like Kathak or Bharatnatyam, which are great workouts in themselves and they involve the whole body, a lot of stretching and squatting, and can be a great replacement for your gym, too.


Not the best choice at a party, Zumba can be a great choice if you are looking for a specific dance form as a replacement for your workout. Zumba requires a lot of energy and builds your stamina as you continue to practice it for a while. It involves some pilates and yoga movements and can help control heart problems, breathing problems, and also make the body more flexible and agile.

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