5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Belly Fat Despite Eating Clean

Losing Belly Fat

Weight loss is a difficult road to walk on and requires a lot of determination and perseverance to be successful in your efforts to lose weight. You may try a diet, exercise, and all sorts of ways to lose weight and may be successful, and sometimes, you may not be as successful because you may be making mistakes you don’t even realise.

If you feel that your efforts to lose weight are not working on your body, despite eating clean and exercising regularly, here is what could be going wrong:

Not enough protein intake
One major reason why you may not lose weight as much as you expect to, despite eating clean is that you are not intaking enough protein in your diet. Protein helps in weight loss. It improves metabolism, reduces appetite, makes you feel fuller for longer and thus keeps you from over-eating and eating too often- which is one major reason for weight gain.

Not enough fats
Not all fats are bad – and this is a fact that anyone who is trying to lose weight really needs to understand. Some fats, can, in fact, be helpful in weight loss. Mono-saturated fats like the ones found in olive oil, almonds, etc. are good for the body and should be eaten to keep your stomach full and your body provided with nutrients you require.

Not enough water
A very important component of weight loss is hydration, If you ear right and eat clean, but do not drink enough water, your weight loss efforts may not work as much. Water contains important minerals for the body and should be a part of your diet for your weight loss also.

Eating too much post-workout
A post workout meal is important, but a workout can also leave you too hungry, making you overeat and sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Make sure your post-workout snack is a light meal and contains food items that make you feel fuller to keep your diet going.

Drinking your calories

Maybe you are eating clean and watching every bit of it to ensure that your weight loss efforts are not sabotaged. But, if you do not watch what you drink, you may end up consuming a lot of calories without even realising. Make sure you check your drinks and the calories in them.

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