5-Step Workout Plan To Lose Weight Gained During Holidays

Workout Plan

5-step workout plan to lose weight gained during holidays – Practice Yoga, Weight training to cut belly fat

Holiday season is coming to an end and so are the days of binge eating and drinking. What follows the day after a great party, is a great regret for the weight gained due to the callous intake of calories and junk food, and for sabotaging all your weight loss efforts. Your diet and workout go for a toss in the party season as you are busy having fun, sometimes too much fun.

All is still not lost, you can still get back in the game if you don’t delay it too much. You can go back to your strict diet, you have already cheated enough through the holiday season. And for the workout, here is a worked out plan that you can adopt.

Extensive cardio

For all the empty calories that you have consumed through the holiday season, increase the cardio exercises in your workout routine like jumping ropes, running, or even dancing. Try doing cardio exercises for at least 45 minutes to burn the calories and get you back in shape.


Another great exercise to lose weight is to practice lunges – the forward bending exercise that is very effective as it puts various muscles to work, and aids weight loss from various target areas. Practice 5 sets of 15 lunges through the workout.


You should not ignore Yoga, which is a great way to relax your mind and body. A gym workout, though essential is upbeat and energizing, while yoga, on the other hand, helps to regulate your breathing, and calm your body and mind to prepare you for the days of work that lie ahead of you after the holiday season.


Weight training is an important part of the weight loss routine. You can lose fat while retaining muscle mass if you lift weights, which is a good way to tone and structure your body. One study from the University of Arizona found that lifting weights even twice a week – heavier weights are better and can prevent weight gain over six years in postmenopausal women.


The most important part of your workout routine after the holiday binge is to stay consistent in your workout, unlike what you did during the holidays. Make sure you hit the gym every day and eat right to ensure that you are on the right path to achieve your weight loss goals again.

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