5 Weight Loss-Friendly Tips You Can Ensure In Office

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Meetings, deadlines, conferences and commitments, office hours could prove to be too constricting to think about anything else. In such a tiring schedule, our fitness begins to take a toll. During office hours, most of us are guilty of munching aimlessly too, and let’s admit it, not many of us do much to burn those extra calories post office hours either. So what can you do? Well, you cannot change your eating patterns and routine overnight, but starting with small and wise changes is a good idea to cut the calorie overload. Here are some tips that may serve as a good starting point.

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Weight Loss Friendly Tips You Can Ensure In Office

1. Make sure you are not in reach of unhealthy snacks. Do not keep fattening namkeen, cookies and chips too close to you. If they are within your reach, you are more likely to binge into them without real hunger. Take your own healthy office snacks like almonds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts and fruits and keep eating them to keep cravings at bay.

2. Similarly with beverages, ditch aerated colas, sodas and fruit drinks and carry your own bottle of water and healthy and low-cal drinks like zeera water, ajwain water or cinnamon water. Keep sipping into it, from time-to-time.

3. Make sure you take small breaks. Step away from your system, walk around your office. Sitting at one place for 8-10 hours is a major propeller of sedentary lifestyle, which in turn is a risk factor for obesity.

4. It is very important to carry your own lunch. It is okay to take food from dhabas and eateries in your office vicinity once in a while. But make sure you do not make it a practice; you never know which oil they use to make the food. If you pack your own tiffin, you get to decide the grease content in your food. Make sure you pack ample protein and fibre in your lunch.

5. If your office happens to have a gym or room for recreational activities like badminton or cricket, make sure you engage yourself in such physical activities. Doing so not only helps break monotony but also makes sure you are fit and active.

Take note of these tips and burn extra calories naturally.

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