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6 Simple Exercises Fight Bloating, Improve Digestion, and Cut Belly Fat

We all know that the holidays are one of the biggest reason for eating all these delicious foods and deserts. These foods made only for special times is not so good always, because we gain fat, and our stomachs are bloated, we are full of food, but we want more! That is why here we have some exercises that will help you in these difficult times.
6 Simple Exercises Fight Bloating =
Six exercises for fighting the bloating

1.Seated spinal twist

Sit on the floor, or on the mat, and make an angle of 90 degrees with extended legs and trunk. Then, you should bend your right knee, but be careful, and twist it to the hip. You can use the left elbow for making leverage against the right knee. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, then repeat with the other leg.

2.Knees to chest

First, you should lie on the back with extended arms and legs. Then, bring the knees slowly to the chest. After that, clasp the hands around. You should keep the back on the floor. Hold this position for 1 minute and then try again.

3.Bridge pose

Lie on your back bent the knees, and your feet should be firmly glued to the floor. Then, lift the hips straight up. Press against the ground to help the hips to be opened. Hold this position for 1 minute and then try again.

4.Chair pose

You should stand with your feet about hips-width apart with your toes facing forward . Then, sit the hips like you are sitting on the chair. You should keep the chest high and shoulders back. Hold this position for 1 minute and breathe slowly.

5.Legs up the wall

First, you should lie on the back and put your butt against the wall. Then, your legs should be extended on the wall, and hands should be rested on the floor. Hold this position for 1 minute.

6.Variation of high lunge

You should stand with your feet together and hands at your side, and then take a large step with the right leg. Then, the left knee should be bended, and hands should be clasped. After that, drive your arms back so the chest should be opened. Slowly release the hands. Then, repeat on the other side.

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