Are You A Slow Eater? It May Help You With Weight Loss!

Weight Loss

We all know losing weight is tough and that’s pretty much the reason why we are always on the lookout for tricks and tips for faster fat burn. Well, beyond fad diets and fancy workouts, there is something that’s quite effective in helping you shed kilos. And that is eating slowly. It is not only good for weight loss, but also a great way to savour your food.

How much time should it take to finish your food?

Experts suggest that one should chew their food for at least 15 to 20 seconds before swallowing it. Ideally, it should take you around 20 minutes to finish a meal. If you eat faster, in the beginning you can try timing your meals. To slow down your pace, you can try to eat your salad first, then your side dishes and then the main course.

How does slow eating help

Slow eating allows your stomach to signal your brain in time that you are full without you eating more than you should. Various studies suggest that people who gulp their food at a lightning fast speed are up to 155 percent more likely to be obese, compared to a slow eater. They also tend to gain weight over time particularly due to their habit of eating their food fast, thereby mostly eating more than the required quantity.

Benefits of eating your food slowly

Eating slow can help you eat less

When you eat your food slowly, chances are that you will also eat less. We all know that our appetite and calories are controlled by our hormones. When we finish our food, our gut suppresses a hormone called ghrelin, which is responsible for controlling our hunger. The hormones send a message to the brain and tell it that we have eaten a lot. In turn, the brain sends a message to reduce our appetite.

Eating slow can make you feel satisfied

How to promote slow eating

If you want to eat your food slowly, you need to chew it several times before swallowing it. Doing this will reduce your calorie intake and assist in weight loss.
Moreover, few studies suggest that people who do not chew their food properly weigh more than others.

Eating fast is linked to overeating while eating slowly can decrease the amount of food consumed at a time. Eating food at a slow pace can make you feel satisfied easily.


It is better to chew your food properly before taking it in for the sake of your health. Doing this will also help you in your weight loss journey.


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