Burn Fat and Build Muscle With This Upper-Body Dumbbell Workout (Suitable For All Levels!)

Dumbbell Workout

If you want to increase your upper-body strength and start seeing muscle definition in your arms, you’ve got to start doing upper-body workouts. Your arms aren’t going to transform over night or by doing an arm workout once in a blue moon.

To see more definition in your arms, implement this program into your routine at least two times a week and make sure you’re selecting weights that will challenge you. If you’re consistent with the program, you should begin to see results around the four- to six-week mark.

The workout:

• Before you jump into the workout, be sure to warm up. This can be achieved by doing a light jog on the treadmill and/or plank walkouts.
• Complete three sets of 12 reps for each exercise before advancing to the following exercise.
• Take 60 seconds of rest in between each set, and no more than 90 seconds of rest as you transition between exercises.
• If you’re a beginner, use seven and a half to 10 pound dumbbells. If you’re more advanced, use 10 to 20 pound dumbbells.
• Don’t forget to cool down after your workout.

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