Blast Belly Fat With This Hardcore Tabata Circuit

Hardcore Tabata Circuit

CircuitTake your intervals to the next level.

Nothing pushes you past your own limits quite like HIIT (high-intensity interval training)—and one variation, Tabata, is especially effective at blasting your body into shape. And fast.

In case you’re not familiar with this workout style, Tabata training … Read More

Avoid Energy Drinks That May Cause Brain Haemorrhage; 4 Healthy Drink Choices That Promote Weight Loss

Healthy Drink

It’s not just sweets that make you put on unwanted weight, mindless snacking and drinking sugary beverages can add unnecessary calories and result in disastrous health outcomes.

Unfortunately, sweet beverages are readily available and heavily promoted through media advertising, special offers, sporting and entertainment events … Read More

How Much Water Should You Drink When You Working Out ?

Drink Working Out

Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water during exercise is incredibly important, but how do you know when you’ve had enough? Here’s everything you need to know about H20 and exercise, from SportsShoes in-house nutritionist, Lucy McCrickard.

So, Why Is Hydration Important?

Around 70% of our body is made of … Read More

How Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

Meditation Lose Weight

If you’re doing everything ‘right’ but still can’t shift those last stubborn kilos, take a deep breath and give this a go.

How many times do you eat because you are bored or stressed? What about the relationship between emotions and the obsession of the Tim Tam sitting in your … Read More

A Breakfast Hack That May Help You Lose Weight

Breakfast Hack

This breakfast study says you can manipulate your mind to eat less.

Editor’s note: This post is offered as information only and is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition. It should not be taken as medical or nutrition advice. If you have nutrition or diet concerns, see your … Read More

5 Top Leg Exercises For Men

Leg Exercises For Men

The fact that many guys tend to neglect their legs during their regular workouts is a grave mistake. Ask any straight woman or gay man: there are few parts of a man’s anatomy that are sexier than a set of firm, muscular and toned thighs and calves.

The good news … Read More