Avoid Energy Drinks That May Cause Brain Haemorrhage; 4 Healthy Drink Choices That Promote Weight Loss

Healthy Drink

It’s not just sweets that make you put on unwanted weight, mindless snacking and drinking sugary beverages can add unnecessary calories and result in disastrous health outcomes.

Unfortunately, sweet beverages are readily available and heavily promoted through media advertising, special offers, sporting and entertainment events … Read More

How Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

Meditation Lose Weight

If you’re doing everything ‘right’ but still can’t shift those last stubborn kilos, take a deep breath and give this a go.

How many times do you eat because you are bored or stressed? What about the relationship between emotions and the obsession of the … Read More

A Breakfast Hack That May Help You Lose Weight

Breakfast Hack

This breakfast study says you can manipulate your mind to eat less.

Editor’s note: This post is offered as information only and is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition. It should not be taken as medical or nutrition advice. If you have nutrition or diet concerns, see your … Read More

9 Soups To Make If You’re Trying To Lose Weight

9 Soups Lose Weight

They’re nutritionist-approved.

When it comes to weight loss, soup is your one-pot secret weapon—especially if you’ve just about had it with the whole salad scene.

After all, research published in the British Journal of Nutrition shows that, on average, people who get their soup on have lower body weights and … Read More

Can Skipping Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

Skipping Breakfast

Skipping meals is never an option for a healthy weight loss.

Experts from the University of Loughborough have established a link between skipping breakfast and weight loss. According to the study published in the Journal of nutrition, breakfast may provide close to 468 calories and it was found that those … Read More

Weight Loss: Six Tips To Burn Belly Fat While You Sleep

Tips To Burn Belly Fat

Weight loss is not always about dieting and exercising. Adopting a few simple, painless strategies can help you shed those extra inches off your waistline.

It might sound unbelievable but looks like successful, sustainable weight loss also comes from attaining excellence in a completely unexpected realm – your bedroom. In … Read More