Fight Obesity With Yoga

Fight Obesity With Yoga

Obesity is a growing public health concern in modern societies. Physical inactivity and an unhealthy diet have been identified as major risk factors for obesity.

Ample research has highlighted the role of obesity as a risk factor for a large number of chronic health complications, … Read More

Yoga Vs Pilates: Which Is Right For You?

Yoga vs Pilates

Before signing up for a seemingly life-changing series of Pilates sessions, or twisting into a pretzel posture at a yoga class, learn more about the two disciplines and whether they are suitable for you.

SINGAPORE: They might not be as trendy as aqua spinning (stationary biking in a pool) or … Read More

Weight Loss With Yoga

Yoga is an old type of activity and method for living that spotlights at the forefront of your body, thoughts, and soul. It’s a comprehensive practice for all ages. “Yoga” has been gotten from the Sanskrit word “Yug” which alludes to the union of our individual awareness and the general … Read More

Things You Should Know About Yogalates


Once popular in the West, Yogalates is becoming popular in India too. Jonathan Urla is credited with creating this fitness routine in 1997. Yogalates helps develop one’s core strength and build flexibility. Fitness and Wellness Coach, Aparna Pathak, tells us more about this new fitness routine.

Controlled and mindful: In … Read More

Yoga Vs Pilates: What is The Better Workout?

Yoga Vs Pilates

Strength and flexibility
Both yoga and Pilates are great for improving strength and flexibility. Both will tone your body and improve your posture. However, while improving the flexibility of your body and joints through stretching and holding poses is important in yoga, it is not a key focus area for … Read More

Can you do yoga to burn your body fat?

Yoga is different from most of the exercises you do or know about. In other exercises there is a lot of body movement and so it is obvious that you are going to lose fat when you do them. Just running a few kilometers in the morning is enough to … Read More

Holiday fitness tips

Summer break is the time when you are free to follow your desired fitness regime, and it usually includes running. However, running wrong can cause back aches. Here are a few tips to help you run right and make the most of this exercise.

Focus on your posture when … Read More

Yoga your way to fitness

Behind most fit celeb bodies, there is always a good trainer. If you look up to Bollywood divas like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt as your fitness icons, here’s what we have for you. Fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala who has trained them, shares a few fitness tips and … Read More