The Unique Eating Habits Of Slim People

Slim People

OFTEN we curse those seemingly natural slim individuals who appear to be able to eat anything they like without ever gaining a skerrick of weight.

Appearances can be deceiving though, and when you take a closer look, there can be some marked differences in the … Read More

Going Gluten-Free

This “fad” eating plan offers a fat-loss dividend

You’ve heard about gluten-free diets and probably even know someone who follows this latest “diet craze.” After all, gluten-free has become big business.Grocery stores are brimming with gluten-free products, and many eateries tout gluten-free menu items. Sales … Read More

The Best Weight-Loss Advice I Have Ever Received

When it comes to slimming down, words like fight, battle, and combat usually come up. It’s no mistake, because losing weight can be one of life’s most difficult struggles. What starts as a few additional pounds around a holiday can build up over a number of years until it becomes … Read More

8 good carbs for weight loss

Obesity epidemic is upon us and we are helplessly watching it grow. Carbohydrates (along with fats) are one grey area for everyone trying to eat healthy. And adding to the brouhaha is the recent study by some medics who claim that while your body can still do without cutting down … Read More

Things to eat before and after your workout

No matter what sort of workout you follow, what you eat before you begin and after you’re done is very important. So, whether you’re into circuit training, strength training or cardio, here are foods that you should consume…

Cardio comprises fast-paced exercises like running, cycling or aerobics.
Pre workout:Read More