Easiest Way To Lose Weight Fast: Think Before You Eat!

The easiest way to lose weight fast could be simply to think before you eat. Weight loss requires you to diet and exercise. But, what is the one technique that can guarantee healthy weight loss in the quickest way? Very simply, those who want to lose weight fast should learn to chew carefully, take the pause between two bites as they eat.
Easiest Way To Lose Weight Fast: Think Before You Eat!=

According to a report on Yahoo, easiest way to lose weight fast could be mindful nutrition. Proposed by Body Positive Australia, mindful nutrition helps in weight loss simply by making you savour every morsel that you take.

What is mindful nutrition?

While some may propose rigid dieting or vigorous exercise to lose weight, sometimes these methods can backfire and lead to more weight gain than weight loss. However, mindful nutrition or thinking and chewing before you swallow is a healthy habit that if practiced religiously can lead to sustainable weight loss.

Basically it is all about taking time to honour the food that you body needs to sustain its daily fucntions.
“Mindful nutrition describes a way we can take the time to eat and choose foods that respect and honour the needs of our body,” says Fiona Sutherland, Director, Body Positive Australia, as reported on Yahoo.

How is it different?

When you are on a rigid diet, chances of binge eating, excessive calorie counting are high. These can often lead to depression in the patients. Through mindful nutrition concept, dieticians can actually help patients understand the food requirements of the body and adapt to a healthier lifestyle in the long run.

This will also eliminate mindless eating which is more like binging in the outflow of emotions. This is often one of the major causes why people end up gaining weight.

How easy is the shift?

Mindful nutrition asks you to understand why you are eating and how you are eating as opposed to the common practice where people just want to know what they are eating. Making the change will take some time and may even require conscious practice. But once you master the technique, it is a healthy habit that will surely contribute to the body’s well-being.

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