Healthy and Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan that will actually work

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Here is the best healthy and vegetarian weight loss diet plan that actually works. Every girl wants to look slim and fit.But you need to bring some lifestyle changes to lose weight. With this, you are required to put lot of restrictions on your diet. Whatever you eat, may impact your body weight. So prepare a special healthy and vegetarian weight loss meal plan if you really wants to lose weight. You need to check out your diet habits to get rid of weight fast. Let’s check out healthy and vegetarian meal plan for weight loss.
Healthy and Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan that will actually work=

Healthy and Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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Kickstart your day with healthy breakfast. Whatever you are eating in breakfast actually impacts your entire body and metabolism rate. First check following things from your breakfast-

    *Are you eating oily things in breakfast such as Paratha, Puri Sabzi etc.
    *Are you taking black tea in breakfast?
    *Do you take breakfast too late?
    *Do you sometimes skip breakfast with in mind that it will help in losing weight?

If you are following any of the above mentioned things, then you are doing mistake. Here is the breakfast you should eat to lose weight.

    *Start your day with nuts like almonds, cashew nuts etc
    *Take fruits and fruits juice in breakfast.
    *Replace black tea with green tea.

To Change your taste you take following things on alternate days in breakfast. In weight loss meal plan, you will get many interesting foods. So that you can enjoy food without getting bored.

Dalia- You can kickstart your day with dalia. It will help you to feel fuller for long time. Dalia helps in weight loss.

Oats- Oats are also wonderful breakfast option. There are many tasty recipes to prepare oats.

Upma- It is also tasty and healthy diet for weight loss. It can also be cooked very easily. It takes few minutes to prepare Upma.

Wheatgrass Shot- On alternate days; you can have wheatgrass shots in your breakfast. You can replace preservative drinks with wheatgrass shots. Wheatgrass helps in weight loss.

Aloevera Juice- You can also take aloevera juice for weight loss. Aloe vera juice is easily available in market. You can also prepare aloevera juice at home by own.

Sprouts- You can take sprouts on alternate days. Sprouts are very good source of energy. They also keep you full of energy for whole day. Sprouts are high in nutritional value.

Dosa- To satisfy, your taste buds, you can have dosa in breakfast.

Poha- It is a wonderful and an easy breakfast option.

Green Tea- You can drink green tea for weight loss

You can take any of the given breakfast option on alternate days. You can also enjoy the combination of these breakfast option.


Here is the weight loss meal plan for lunch. You can have simple and oil free lunch. If you are working women sometimes you may prefer for pizza or burger in lunch. By doing such, you are adding extra calorie in your body. If you really want to opt for healthy weight loss diet then cut such foods first. You lunch should be as follows-

  • Lentil- Arhar Dal, Moong Dal
    Brown Rice
    Curry- Made by any seasonal vegetable
  • You can take the same weight loss meal plan every day. Although, you can bring some twist and turns in recipes. You can change the curries. And also make your daal delicious.

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    Evening Snack

    You must like to snack in evening. Hold back your hand from chips. You can replace it with fruits like Banana. You can also have Poha in evening snacks. You can also have green tea with biscuits. You can choose wheat based biscuits available in market.

    You can have your dinner before 8 Pm. Choose chappati instead of rice. Your dinner should be very light. You can have anything which is oil free and light food. You can have salad, curry, chappati and also lentil. You must walk after dinner.

    Few More things related to Healthy and Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plan

    Here are few more things which you need to keep in mind related to weight loss,

  • Chew food properly. Don’t eat in hurry.
    Stay away from oily food as much as you can.
    Eat lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables. It will keep energetic for exercise. You can also have fruit juices.
    Drink lots of water. But don’t drink just after lunch or dinner.
    Take small meals instead of taking big ones.
    Walk after every meal to keep you slim and fit.
    Stay away completely from junk food.
    Don’t kill your hunger. And also stay away from starving. Always take healthy and low calorie diet.
    Try to finish your dinner before 8.00 to 8.30.
    Must do exercise with following weight loss diet plan.
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