How To Use Ghee To Lose Weight And Burn Belly Fat

Burn Belly Fat

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Indian households cannot do without their share of ghee; whether it is for adding flavour to delicacies or using it for medicinal purposes. While it is a great ingredient for benefitting overall health, ghee is said to help lose weight and burn belly fat. However, it is a common perception that ghee is unhealthy or fattening; turns out, it may not be the case. Pure homemade ghee, especially from cow’s milk, comes packed with essential nutrients that promote a healthy body. Sure, desi ghee is primarily saturated fats and can be unhealthy only if eaten in enormous amounts; which is why most health experts suggest eating not more than two-three teaspoons through the day. We tell you why ghee may be a great ingredient for weight loss and belly fat and how one can use it to cut the bulge.

Ghee for weight loss

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Here are some reasons that make ghee the ideal ingredient for weight. This goes without saying that you must complement it with a healthy diet and exercises or physical activities.

-> You may agree, digestion is the key to losing weight. While most vegetable or cooking oils are likely to slow down your body’s digestive system, fats in ghee stimulate it and make it better. So, adding a dash of ghee in your food may not be that bad.

-> One of the most important benefits of ghee is that it contains omega-6 fatty acid called conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) that is known to be helpful in modifying the body’s composition and reduce body fat levels, further helping you lose weight.

-> Research suggests that ghee helps in mobilising fat cells to be burnt for energy, further helping you reduce fat mass and increase lean body mass.

-> Ghee consists of essential amino acids that help the fat cells to shrink in size.

-> Apart from all of this, it comes packed with a range of benefits, ranging from preventing inflammation, which can further help you lose weight.

How to use ghee for weight loss?

Ayurveda suggests having warm milk mixed with a teaspoonful of ghee to manage constipation. Constipation can lead to bloating and weight gain. So, it is best to resort to this home remedy whenever you suffer from constipation. In case of prolonged condition, do visit a doctor. Another way to use ghee is to add a teaspoonful of it on your dishes to make them more easily digestible.

Remember, over-consumption of ghee can cause various problems, considering it has high amount of saturated fats. Stick to taking not more than two to three teaspoons of ghee to lose weight. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and engage in exercises to lose weight and burn belly fat.



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