It’s true! Red chillies can make you thin

Haven’t you felt completely satiated and happy after a nice spicy meal? Oily food is a strict no-no if you are aiming to shed pounds, but spicy food is a good option. Indian food is usually full of different spices and condiments, which makes it so irresistible, and that is why most people crave for these foods when trying to follow a diet. However, diet doesn’t mean bland food. It just means that you need to cut down on added sugars, extra salt, oil and unhealthy processed foods, and include more vegetables and fruits or healthy meat in your diet. You also need to stop doing these things to reach your weight loss goals. You can enjoy less oily, yet spicy food and lose weight too. Actually, red pepper is an amazing remedy to lose weight!

How red pepper or chilli help?

It’s true! Red chillies can make you thin=
For those who need a reason to add some spice and heat to your food, a study [1] indicates that spicy food or intake of peppers helps in reducing hunger pangs and appetite. Capsaicin present in chillies is responsible for boosting metabolism and triggering the brain to release feel-good endorphins, thereby making you feel satiated and happy. Here are 6 more reasons to spice your diet with chillies.

Another study [2] suggests that consuming spicy food can help reduce your cravings for salty, fatty and sweet foods for longer times. Did you know spicy food can help increase your sex power and help you last longer?

If you are satisfied and happy after a meal, the chances of indulging in snacking or unhealthy food reduce, thereby aiding weight loss.



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