Ditch The Bulging Tummy!

Bulging Tummy

I was a sportsman in my younger days and was very fit. The rigours of studying medicine made me bid goodbye to sports and I have consistently put on weight around my belly, and despite my best efforts, the accumulated fat refuses to go. It is critical to avoid the … Read More

Losing It In The Anti-Dieting Age

Losing It

James Chambers was watching membership sign-ups on Jan. 4, 2015, like a stock ticker — it was that first Sunday of the year, the day we all decide that this is it, we’re not going to stay fat for one more day. At the time, he was Weight Watchers’ chief … Read More

How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time

Lose Fat Gain Muscle

There are a lot of reasons to work out, including improving health, burning fat, gaining muscle, and just simply feeling better. Many of us have multiple goals at once, and luckily, a lot of these logically go hand-in-hand. Losing fat and gaining muscle, however, seem to be a little conflicting.… Read More