Paneer For Weight Loss: 3 Protein-Rich Paneer Recipes For Weight Loss

Fresh Paneer

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Let’s admit it, as Indians we share a special bond with paneer or cottage cheese. If you are headed to a vegetarian restaurant or a party serving only vegetarian food, you know you would find a range of paneer dishes waiting for you. Used extensively in curries, parathas, or sandwiches, paneer’s versatility has earned many fans across the world. And that’s not all, your favourite cottage cheese is a bundle of health benefits too. Being rich in calcium, paneer is good for your bones and teeth. It’s high protein content is good for muscle health. Consuming paneer on a regular basis may help in weight loss too.

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Weight Loss: Here’s how loading up on paneer may help promote weight loss

1. Protein-dense: Paneer is rich in protein. It has been well-established that protein plays a crucial role in weight loss. It takes very long to digest, inducing the feeling of satiety. It increases levels of appetite-reducing hormones like GLP-1, PYY and CCK, while reducing levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, making you crave less, thereby aiding weight loss. The protein content of cottage cheese depends upon the milk uses to make the cheese. According to Bangalore-based nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood, ” if it is from full cream milk, it is high on fat too, in addition to being a protein-dense food. Other than iron, almost all essential minerals like calcium and magnesium are present in cottage cheese. The best part of cottage cheese is that you can have it raw, which can help you save so many calories.”

2. Source of good fats:
Paneer is a source of good fats. Good fats are essential for overall health and weight loss. Ditch trans-fats for the healthy fats in paneer.

3. Low in carbohydrates:
100 grams of paneer made from cow milk provides 1.2 gram of carbohydrates. An ideal weight-loss diet plan must include foods that are low in carbohydrates.

4. Good source of calcium: In addition to giving you stronger bones and teeth, calcium may also help burn fat. Calcium provides small increase in thermogenesis, the body’s core temperature. This may boost metabolism and promote fat burning.

Here are 3 Protein-Rich Paneer Recipes For Weight Loss

It is a good idea to have raw cubes of paneer with a sprinkle of rock salt or chaat masala. However if you want to have it cooked, opt for healthier options like baking or grilling. Try churning fresh paneer at home. It is fairly easy and this step-by-step guide would help you with the same.
Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner Shilpa Arora says, “Paneer is loaded with healthy fats, proteins and are very low on carbs. It is excellent for weight loss and diabetics. You can have them raw, or cook them in healthy way. You can add veggies to your paneer bhurji, or have them as tikkas.”

Protein-rich paneer recipes for weight loss:

1. Paneer Besan Chilla
2. Paneer scramble
3. Paneer and Corn



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