EPOC Exercises

EPOC Exercises

These drills can help stoke your postworkout fat-fighting furnace.

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, your schedule is filling up fast, and before you know it, you’ll be hosting holiday parties and family get-togethers. But you don’t want to give in … Read More

The Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Are you looking for specific exercises to lose belly fat? Truth is, belly fat does not burn off from only doing sit-ups, crunches or any other type of spot reducing exercises aimed at burning belly fat. Those are all great for shrinking the belly area by tightening muscle but they … Read More

5 Super Easy Tips for Fast Weight-Loss

Is fast weight-loss really possible? Yes, if you make the right changes in your lifestyle.

The fast and safe way to lose weight

If you think marathon workouts and deprivation diets are the only ways to lose weight, you need to rethink your weight-loss plan. According to research, taking small … Read More

4 Secret Weapons You Can Use to Lose Weight

You have two main weapons in your weight loss battle: diet and exercise. While at its most basic level, losing weight comes down to a simple balance of energy (calories out over calories in), there are a multitude of details that can make or break your quest for fitness. For … Read More

The 10 Most Common Weight Loss Persona’s

Did you know that it takes at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise before you really begin to burn body-fat?

Did you know that toning is the most important exercise for weight loss because more tone means a much higher metabolism and you burn way more fat 24 hours a … Read More

4 Ways to Lose That Last 10 Pounds

So you’ve arrived at the summit of your fitness odyssey — with only a few metaphorical steps to go before you’re standing atop the zenith. The zenith, which, represents your goals; the goals, which you likely set out for yourself weeks, months, or perhaps even years before. It’s been a … Read More

6 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks for Busy People

A crazy, hectic schedule is no reason to give up your health goals — it can be done! With some planning and simple changes done ahead of time, weight loss is within reach, even for the busiest among us. Scheduling workouts, meal prep, or fridge arrangement can all make a … Read More

Burn fat this way to get a flat stomach

In a bid to flaunt wash board abs, most of us sweat it out at the gym and stay away from fried foods and sweets for months. But sometimes, even this is not enough for the perfect 10 figure. And that is where nonsurgical fat removing techniques come into play.… Read More