Green Tea Could Boost Weight Loss And Brain Function, Says Study

Green tea

According to researchers a key compound in green tea called EGCG significantly helps reducing body fat.

A new study now claims that drinking green tea helps in both weight loss and boosts brain function as well. A favourite beverage among dieters, it is often touted … Read More

The Fundamental Thing You Should Know About Fat Loss

Fundamental Thing

With all the talk of “fat-burning”, you wouldn’t be far off in believing your can rid your body of whole fat cells through workout. While it might be more motivating to think of your stubborn fat cells disappearing in bursts of miniflames, what actually happens when you lose weight through … Read More

The ‘Fast’ Way To Lose Weight

To Lose Weight

Observing the daylong fast during Ramadan and adopting the right food groups have many health benefits

Dubai: Are you the fortunate one to have lost substantial weight three weeks into over 12-hour fasting mode during Ramadan?

International dieticians and nutritious say those who observe the fast in the right spirit … Read More

Do You Really Need to Exercise to Lose Weight?

When most people decide to lose weight, they go on a diet. It’s just automatic.

Exercising, however, tends to be a totally different story. After all, exercise takes time out of our already over-packed schedules, gym memberships don’t come cheap and, let’s face it, exercise isn’t the most exciting thing … Read More

Can you do yoga to burn your body fat?

Yoga is different from most of the exercises you do or know about. In other exercises there is a lot of body movement and so it is obvious that you are going to lose fat when you do them. Just running a few kilometers in the morning is enough to … Read More

Effective ways to tone your body this summer

Losing weight is only half the battle won — toning up is equally important and takes effort, time and dedication. Don’t, however, give up if the going is slow. Here are some tips that will help…

Don’t deprive your body of important calories just because you’re trying to tone up … Read More

Quick-fix weight loss?

Over the years I have found out that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This healthy lifestyle should pay keen attention to food intake and activity/exercise. Being at your right weight has to start in your mind. Your mind has … Read More

What Are The Most Common Weight Loss Myths?

Myth 1: Crunches are the key to flat abs

Fact: They may be the most iconic abdominal exercise around, but doing crunches is not actually the best way to slim your midsection. Since they don’t burn off a lot of calories, they don’t help in a major way with fat … Read More