How To Burn Fat Long After You’ve Left The Gym

How to burn fat

Get more bang for your workout buck

Okay, let’s get one thing set straight right off the bat; any exercise is better than no exercise. However every exercise has a certain outcome, for example if you do a bench press it will work your chest … Read More

5 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

To Lose Weight Fast

1. Make Green Tea Part Of Your Daily Routine

The catechins in green tea have been shown to have a positive effect on both weight loss and weight maintenance. Not only that, but sipping throughout the day will also contribute to being properly hydrated, which … Read More

5 Weight Loss Rules That Actually Work

Eat More Protein

Believe certain dark corners of the internet and weight loss can seem incomprehensibly complicated. Every weight loss plan contains nuggets of dietary truth, padded out with a heap of creatine crap peddled by people who have done little to no research.

Well, we have done some research and filleted all … Read More

Should You Work Out On An Empty Stomach ?

Empty Stomach Runing

THE QUESTION OF whether you should eat before a run or head out on an empty stomach is almost as divisive as whether high reps or low reps are better.

If you’re trying to lose weight, working out on an empty stomach seems to make a simple, arithmetic sense: With … Read More

Foods that burn fat

That burn fat

Is it possible to burn fat even possible to burn by eating something? You’ll have to fill the rest because you not able to buy the latest weight loss technique because most of them are weight-loss gimmicks only. You don’t have to count your calories to burn fat.

You can … Read More

4 Exercises That Will Burn Fat Fast

Gearing up for the start of swimsuit season is one of the best motivators to get up and get moving. As the summer draws on, though, it can be hard to maintain the same enthusiasm. This is especially true when you’re greeted with extreme heat and humidity, which usually makes … Read More

Know These Belly Fat Burning Green Foods

Belly fat is like a disease. If you don’t get rid of it, that extra fat around your waist will lead to a lot of health complications which you might regret later on.Green foods have always been the best when it comes to weight loss. Experts state that when you … Read More

Training body to burn fat, not store it

Researchers have uncovered a new molecular mechanism for stimulating the body to burn fat — a discovery that could lead to new medications to fight obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

By knocking out the gene that produces a protein, known as folliculin, in fat cells in mice, the researchers triggered … Read More