Want to Lose Weight? Cut These 5 Things Out of Your Diet

Losing weight can be tough. You want to slim down, but unless you have the stamina to dedicate the next few months to your body, you’ll also want to maintain a social life, which means cocktails after work and an occasional slice of pizza late at night. Most of us … Read More

Quick and easy tips that help you to stay fit

Downsize your snacks: As long as you’re eating satiety-inducing nutrients at every meal, you will reduce your urge for food between meals.

Avoid distractions at the dinner: What you’re doing while you eat might be as important as what you’re eating. You are likely to … Read More

Here’s how you can burn fat naturally

Further burnishing copper’s reputation as an essential nutrient for human health, researchers have found that the metal plays a key role in metabolising fat.
Here's how you can burn fat naturally=

“We find that copper is essential for breaking down fat cells so that they can be used for energy,” said lead researcher Chris Chang, professor at … Read More

20 Healthy Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Trying to lose weight but don’t have time for the gym or access to expensive equipment? Do you need to lose weight for that wedding, your class reunion or vacation pool party? The following are some practical and effective tips that can help you lose those pounds quickly without breaking … Read More

Chewing Obnoxiously May Help You Lose Weight

You know how when you’re sitting near someone chewing annoyingly loud, it suddenly becomes all you can think about? Well, take a bite out of this: Being that person may actually help you shed pounds.

You know how when you’re sitting near someone chewing annoyingly loud, it suddenly becomes all … Read More

5 Things Losing Weight Will Never Fix

Think losing weight will make you happier, more confident, and kick-ass at work? Well, it doesn’t really work like that…

That’s something Kelsey Miller, author of Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting And Got A Life, learned the hard way. “I used to tell myself, ‘You can do this … Read More

Eat Fat, Lose Weight: The Anti-Hunger Diet

Eat less, move more. That’s the theme behind most diets these days. If we just consume fewer calories and put in more hours at the gym, we’ll shed pounds, right?
Eat Fat, Lose Weight: The Anti-Hunger Diet=
According to David Ludwig, MD, PhD, leading obesity researcher and professor of nutrition at Harvard University, our time and energy … Read More