Long Cardio Exercises Won’t Help You Lose Weight. Do This Instead

Long Cardio Exercises

The general consensus seems to persist that the longer you engage in a steady-state/moderate “cardio” activity, such as running or using an elliptical machine, the more your health and waistline are likely to benefit. However, research suggests that long periods (more than 60 minutes per day) of this kind of … Read More

10 golden rules for great weight loss

Here is a collection of 10 real truths about weight loss. It should help you identify where you have gone wrong before and also provide you with some answers you’ve been looking for and with some topics to explore more for better results.

10 golden rules for great weight loss=
1.Your metabolism … Read More

The Best Weight-Loss Advice I Have Ever Received

When it comes to slimming down, words like fight, battle, and combat usually come up. It’s no mistake, because losing weight can be one of life’s most difficult struggles. What starts as a few additional pounds around a holiday can build up over a number of years until it becomes … Read More

The Best Abs Exercises for Women

The secret reason your tummy might not be getting firm isn’t what you do in the gym, it’s what you do the rest of the day.”Something as simple as sitting at a desk all day can sabotage your ab-sculpting efforts,” says New York City trainer Brent Brookbush, a performance-enhancement specialist … Read More

Effective ways to tone your body this summer

Losing weight is only half the battle won — toning up is equally important and takes effort, time and dedication. Don’t, however, give up if the going is slow. Here are some tips that will help…

Don’t deprive your body of important calories just because you’re trying to tone up … Read More

High/ Low-Intensity Exercise for Weight Loss

When you hit the gym, how do you work out? Do you focus on hitting each exercise with precision and control, or do you aim to keep your heart rate high and move through the workout quickly? Are you focused on low intensity, steady state, long-duration cardio, or do you … Read More