Want To Lose Weight? Switch To A Vegetarian Diet For Better Metabolism

Switch To A Vegetarian

According to researchers, eating a diet full of vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits and nuts can be twice as effective in helping you lose weight as conventional low-calorie diets.

Don’t you always wonder if there was an easier way to lose weight and stay slim? Perhaps, … Read More

Natural Health: Best Tips For Long-Lasting Weight Loss

long-lasting weight

QUESTION: What are your best tips for long lasting weight loss?

ANSWER: First and foremost, avoid the extreme diets. Extreme diets in combination with unrealistic exercise routines may help you drop a boat-load of weight fast, but in 80 percent of individuals the weight will … Read More



Which helps you lose weight faster? We find out

When you want to lose weight, there are two options; you can start dieting or start exercising. Ideally, you should do both. But which of the two helps you lose weight faster?

What science says

It has been confirmed that for … Read More

How To Lose Weight Without Restricting Yourself

Lose Weight Without Restricting

Don’t Make Dieting Any Harder For Yourself Than It Already Is

Weight loss is always a result of energy balance, this is just science.

Energy in < Energy out = weight loss. Energy in > Energy out = weight gain.

Energy in = Energy out = no change in weight.

This is thermodynamics and it applies to everyone. Every … Read More

Detox This Summer How To Go About It


In order to remain healthy, it is very important that we inculcate detoxification in our daily routine since one of its benefits is to help build immunity

The first step to a detox is to know what exactly it is. Detoxification is a process wherein you rid your body of … Read More

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

boost your metabolism

Well, you can try everything from tough-to-pull off diets and grueling exercise routines, but if your metabolic rate is slow, then the weight loss process will take a beating. A number of factors can slow down your metabolism, including lifestyle changes and hormonal imbalances. Try these easy ways to give … Read More

How To Lose Weight Effortlessly

lose weight effortlessly

If ‘dieting’ and ‘workouts’ are among your most dreaded words then these hacks are for you. Follow these simple tricks through your busy day and you are sure to get those extra pounds off.

More fluids: Consuming fluids like water, lime juice, green tea, fruit and berry juices will make … Read More