How Much Water Should You Drink When You Working Out ?

Drink Working Out

Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water during exercise is incredibly important, but how do you know when you’ve had enough? Here’s everything you need to know about H20 and exercise, from SportsShoes in-house nutritionist, Lucy McCrickard.

So, Why Is Hydration Important?

Around 70% of … Read More

Hot Water,The Perfect Slimming Mantra!

Hot water

Are you drinking water the right way? Know all about staying slim and beautiful the easiest way.

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The Magic Time to Drink Water for Weight Loss

Preloading water before meals helps you lose weight, according to a study published in the journal Obesity, which can be found via WebMD. The study looked at 84 obese adults and had 41 members of the group drink around 16 ounces of water before meals, while the other 43 adults … Read More

4 Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Think there’s no way you could possibly lose weight while you sleep? Think again. We all know that catching some quality shuteye is beneficial, but what if there were extra measures you could take to ensure you’d be shedding pounds even when you’re asleep?
4 Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep=
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Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Loss

There are many ayurvedic medicines for weight loss in market these days. Obesity is common problem among todays generation. There are various ways to fight with obesity. One of the most wonderful ways is to use ayurvedic medicines for weight loss. Nature has privileged us with various things that contribute … Read More

Losing Weight by Drinking Water

Did you know that water is one of the most beneficial aids in weight loss? Not only is it vital for a healthy, properly functioning body, but it can do so much to help you shed those extra pounds!

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5 secrets of those who never gain weight

Probably everyone knows at least one “lucky” person who eats whatever he wants, but never gains weight. So what are the secrets of these “lucky”people?

1. Make sure you do not call every day a “special occasion”

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6 Tips to Kick-Start Your Weight Loss

Lose weight now

So your New Year’s resolution is to lose a pile of pounds. Now what? How can you kick that determination into drive gear? “In order to lose weight, people need to make some sort of change,” says Dr. Shahebina Walji, a family physician at the Calgary Weight … Read More

How to Lose Your Last 10 lbs. in 40 Days or Less

Still trying to lose those last ten pounds? As you get closer to your goal, it often becomes harder to shed weight. This is because workouts stop being a challenge and your body grows accustomed to your improved calorie consumption. This means that losing the final pounds can be a … Read More