Easy Ways To Overcome A Weight-Loss Plateau

Easy ways weight-loss

So you’ve stuck to your diet, and are going to the gym religiously. But at the end of the month, you find that the weighing scale has frozen and you have hit the dreadful weight-loss plateau. Fitness experts maintain that it is perfectly normal to reach the weight-loss plateau. But … Read More

How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Lose Weight Without

There are many ways to lose weight without having to go overboard and making things more difficult for you.

When you’re gaining weight quickly, it stresses you out. This is the moment when you can fall prey to wrong advices and mess your body even more rather than getting it … Read More

How To Lose Weight For Your Wedding

Wedding Lose Weight

There’s nothing like seeing a couple who feel confident in their own skin. We all know the pressure of the wedding day – the bride and groom are centre stage and centre of attention, photographed and peeked at from all angles of the room. It’s a lot of attention to … Read More

Lose Weight At Your Desk

Lose weight Desk

Many jobs today require long hours at the desk. But don’t let that thwart your fitness plans. We get Deckline Leitão, an internationally qualified fitness specialist and trainer to badminton players Saina Nehwal and Ashwini Ponnapa, boxer Sarita Devi, golfer Anisha Padukone and swimmer Maana Patel to give us workouts … Read More

How to Keep Losing Weight Long-Term on Your Bike

Losing Weight Long-Term

BikeOkay, you’ve hit your initial weight-loss goals; here’s how to keep going the distance

Losing weight with your bike can get tricky after awhile.

When you first start riding a lot and watching the pounds come off, you’re bound to be brimming with enthusiasm and willing to make all sorts … Read More



Which helps you lose weight faster? We find out

When you want to lose weight, there are two options; you can start dieting or start exercising. Ideally, you should do both. But which of the two helps you lose weight faster?

What science says

It has been confirmed that for … Read More

How Fat Burning Exercise Can Boost Bone Health

Boost Bone Health

New US research on animals has found for the first time that exercise can help to improve bone health by burning off the fat found within bone marrow.

Carried out by the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, the animal study looked at two groups of mice, a ‘lean’ … Read More

Fit B-Town Actors And Their Exercise Routines

Fit B-town actors

They are super hot, and super fit. When it comes to fitness, there’s no beating our favourite celebs from B-town. They work out every single day, religiously, and are never afraid to try out new fitness routines. So if you are a fitness freak, or are taking baby steps towards … Read More