How Coconut Oil Is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

Coconut Oil

If you have ever been told that coconut oil is a healthy alternative to butter or other cooking oils, you have apparently been lied to.

The Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease advisory of the American Heart Association recently found that coconut oil not only increases … Read More

Weight Loss Bumps Up Appetite More Than Threefold

Weight Loss Bumps Up

For every kg of weight they lost, patients in a new study consumed an extra 100 calories a day — more than three times what they would need to maintain the lower weight.

This out-of-proportion increase in appetite when patients lost a small amount of … Read More

BothDiet or Exercise? To Lose Weight, Do Both

Q: Which matters more when it comes to weight loss: food and calorie intake or exercise?

A: Oh, yes, it’s that time of year again: time to kick those New Year’s resolutions into high gear, dust off the weight and food scales, hit the gym, and ask critical questions about … Read More

6 Ways You Can Get Rid of Excess Belly Fat

If there’s one spot that people complain most about gaining weight, it’s their belly. No one wants to deal with stubborn belly fat! While we all know that cardio is an essential part of trimming down on the extra fat around our abs, it’s not always enough. To find out … Read More

The Crucial Nutrient For a Better Fat Burn

When it comes to burning fat, you probably have the big three macronutrients—protein, fat, and carbohydrates—under control. But what about your micronutrients? Turns out, a deficiency of the mineral copper may be blocking your ability to burn fat, according to a new study in Nature Chemical Biology.

The Crucial Nutrient For a Better Fat Burn=
Previous research has … Read More

China issues weight loss guideline

With obesity on the rise across the country, China has issued its first medical guideline to help overweight people get lighter.

According to the China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care, the guideline, issued on Sunday, covers the principles and methods that should be adopted to … Read More

The Upside of a Weight-Loss Plateau

What if I told you that the average American gains 1 pound every year? And that by not gaining a pound in the year, you’re actually doing well above average!

Most people lose a little bit of weight, hit a plateau, then immediately give up when things aren’t going as … Read More

9 Weight Loss Traps to Avoid at All Costs

This article was written by Laura Cipullo, R.D. and provided by our partners at Rodale Wellness.

Did you know that Americans spend $60 billion annually on diets, diet foods, and weight-loss remedies? The diet industry is pervasive, and we’re all falling prey to it because it’s impossible to avoid the … Read More