5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fat Loss

Jumpstart Your Fat Loss

Add these five easy tips to your routine and start blasting fat today!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a difficult journey — from lifting weights to counting your steps, keep these five easy things in mind and start working towards your fitness goals today!… Read More

Want A Healthy Snack That’ll Help You Drop Kilos? Go Nuts

Healthy Snack

Old-school dieting wisdom dictates nuts are a no-go because of their high calories and fat. But new research overturns that myth, finding they’re actually linked to long-term weight loss.

The study, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, analysed diet and lifestyle data drawn from almost 400,000 Europeans — from … Read More

Best Cardio Exercises For Fat Loss

Best Cardio Exercises

You Don’t Need Those Weights To Go From Flab To Fab.

Cardiovascular exercises are usually the easiest way to lose fat. Cardio coupled with weight-training is one of the oldest trick in the book to lose fat and gain muscle. For someone who’s never been to the gym, it is … Read More

The Fundamental Thing You Should Know About Fat Loss

Fundamental Thing

With all the talk of “fat-burning”, you wouldn’t be far off in believing your can rid your body of whole fat cells through workout. While it might be more motivating to think of your stubborn fat cells disappearing in bursts of miniflames, what actually happens when you lose weight through … Read More

Your Best Spring Diet Advice, Ever!

Diet Advice

These 26 science-backed rules will take your physique from now to WOW!

1. Skip a meal or two.

Science says intermittent fasting, as in eating 500 calories one or two days a week or going 12 to 18 hours in a day without food, can help you lose weight and … Read More

Get a Handle on Fat Loss in 2017

Fat Loss in 2017

Ten tips for a figure-flattering year.

Although you had the best intentions on New Year’s day, it’s far too easy to become de-motivated by the time your Valentine shows up at your door carrying a mouthwatering box of dark chocolates. The weather is bleak, swimsuit season is months away and … Read More