Doing This Very Simple Thing Could Help You Cut 1400 Calories Weekly

Finding a near-effortless way to consume fewer cals is like scrolling through Facebook without seeing one political rant—an unattainable dream. But University of Illinois researchers have found that drinking plain old water may be the Holy Grail you’ve been looking for.

Finding a near-effortless way … Read More

Mentally Prepare to Lose Weight Fast

To drop weight quickly, there should be the appropriate frame-of-mind. If you are not mentally ready, there is a high chance of failing.

Quick weight reduction is possible, as well as deep inside, every lady knows that. The challenge is to remain on track and also to keep the weight … Read More

7 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

The SkinnyMs. 7 Best Exercises for Weight Loss is an easy to follow program with exercises designed to target fat loss. Grab your dumbbells, and get started. You can perform this workout up to four times per week to rev up metabolism, burn calories, and start to melt those extra … Read More

Easy Weight-Loss Plan

Short term diets don’t work. You give up your favorite foods, sacrifice hours on the treadmill, and see the weight slowly melt off – only to gain it all back the moment you return to your regular lifestyle. People often gain more weight than they lost, meaning they finish at … Read More

Cheruthen or Small honey – An effective fat burner

Cheruthen or Small honey (Stingless bee honey) plays an important role in reducing weight or reducing beer belly. Small honey reduces obesity, if used daily with warm water. The use of natural honey as food and medicine by mankind has been in existence from time immemorial. In fact, records have … Read More

Can Brisk Walking Reduce Belly Fat?

Belly fat can be dangerous for your health; individuals with upper-body (central) obesity i.e., fat accumulation in the subcutaneous abdominal and visceral depots are prone to metabolic and cardiovascular complications, especially when there is excess fat in the visceral area.

Walk Off Belly Fat

Apart from a healthy low-fat diet, … Read More

4 Secrets To Long Term Weight Loss And Good Health

Diets and calorie counting can only temporarily keep weight gain away. To attain a stable weight and maintain it naturally, it is important for the body to heal within. Weight loss is a byproduct of healthy living and these 4 tips will help achieve the latter.
4 Secrets To Long Term Weight Loss And Good Health=

1. Break Repetitive Habits:Read More