10 Foods That Can Help You To Get A Flat Abs !

Get a Flat Abs

Are you looking to get flat abs? Follow these 10 foods that can help you to get a flat abs ! There’s no question about it, getting flat abs is one of the most popular goals that people work towards. And for good reason, too. A nicely defined stomach means … Read More

Try These Exercises For A Flat Stomach

Exercises For A Flat Stomach

Exercise 1

Begin by lying face down on the floor – you can support your upper body using your elbows, forearms and your hands. Gradually raise the remainder of your body off the floor until you are on your toes. Keep your body straight and … Read More

How to Get a Flat Stomach in 30 Days


Gather with friends for a glass of wine or a group jog and at some point someone will start in about her middle. “What happened to it?” she’ll ask. Lots of us have asked that question, and we blame childbearing, Ben & Jerry’s or taking too few group jogs (and … Read More

6 Ways You Can Get Rid of Excess Belly Fat

If there’s one spot that people complain most about gaining weight, it’s their belly. No one wants to deal with stubborn belly fat! While we all know that cardio is an essential part of trimming down on the extra fat around our abs, it’s not always enough. To find out … Read More

10 golden rules for great weight loss

Here is a collection of 10 real truths about weight loss. It should help you identify where you have gone wrong before and also provide you with some answers you’ve been looking for and with some topics to explore more for better results.

10 golden rules for great weight loss=
1.Your metabolism is the master controller of … Read More

New Weight-Loss Tactics for the Moderately Obese

The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved a host of new weight-loss interventions that make millions more people eligible for obesity treatments.

Among the devices are balloons that inflate inside the stomach and leave less room for food, electrical impulses that trick the brain into thinking the stomach is … Read More

Burn fat this way to get a flat stomach

In a bid to flaunt wash board abs, most of us sweat it out at the gym and stay away from fried foods and sweets for months. But sometimes, even this is not enough for the perfect 10 figure. And that is where nonsurgical fat removing techniques come into play.… Read More

Eight wonder ways to get a flat tummy

It takes more than just basic crunches and crash dieting to carve a drool worthy, flat stomach. Explains fitness trainer, Deanne Pandey, “Ab exercises + cardio exercises + right diet – this is the most effective formula to achieve well-toned abdominal muscles. Missing upon any one of these will take … Read More

Flat Tummy Friday

More than any other place on my body, it feels like I’m hyper aware of my tummy. I can eat poorly for a single meal and immediately FEEL like my tummy is bloated or puffy or soft… I can feel it on the waist of my pants.

I know I’m … Read More