These Simple Household Chores Will Make You Lose Weight

Household Lose Weight

So you are looking to lose weight, but have neither the time nor the energy to go to the gym every day. Or even enroll for yoga, Pilates and swimming classes. And you really can’t be bothered with a rigorous diet. Why not try doing household chores instead? These humble … Read More

Lose weight in just 15 minutes with T-Tapp

T-Tapp Lose weight

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Imagine being able to lose weight without all of the heavy exercise.

Teresa Tapp has created a low impact program that helps people lose the weight without the pain. T-Tapp focuses on proper form and using six to seven muscles at a time to get an … Read More

7 Common Gym Mistakes To Avoid

Gym Mistakes

While we can’t be perfect at everything we do at the gym, there are some mistakes that are quite unnecessary and easily avoided

The gym can be quite an intimidating place, especially for someone who hasn’t completely found their feet in the sweat-filled building. If you’ve already made it to … Read More

Yoga Vs Pilates: What is The Better Workout?

Yoga Vs Pilates

Strength and flexibility
Both yoga and Pilates are great for improving strength and flexibility. Both will tone your body and improve your posture. However, while improving the flexibility of your body and joints through stretching and holding poses is important in yoga, it is not a key focus area for … Read More

Fitness Hacks For Every 20-Something

Fitness hacks

Are you 20-something, stressed with work and find that you have no time to focus on fitness.These simple fitness hacks will help you manage your fitness effectively even when you are in the middle of your hectic schedule.

Hack 1 – Stretch: It improves overall health and flexibility. Stretching every … Read More