Want to Lose Weight? Eat More Protein

According to a study published online on Jan. 18 in the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, eating more protein-rich foods like beef increases older obese adults’ physical function, helping them lose weight. These foods protect muscle mass, improve lower-body strength, and aids balance and walking speed in these people with … Read More

The Upside of a Weight-Loss Plateau

What if I told you that the average American gains 1 pound every year? And that by not gaining a pound in the year, you’re actually doing well above average!

Most people lose a little bit of weight, hit a plateau, then immediately give up … Read More

Exercise tips for weight loss

Wondering why all your efforts in the gym aren’t paying off? Fitness writer, Katie Hiscock shares her top tips to help you get the most from your workouts, shed the pounds and stay on track…

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3 Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

Exercise to lose weight fast is a fitness mantra that many experts swear by. But, what kind of exercise actually suits your body. Also, how exactly does exercise help in weight loss. What is the connection and how do you figure out what is the adequate amount of exercise that … Read More

7 Bodyweight Exercises That Will Tone Your Butt

At some point, we all look in the mirror and imagine how our jeans would fit if our butt was just a little more tight and toned or could somehow defy gravity. While obsessing over the appearance of your derrière may be frivolous, there is nothing frivolous about wanting strong … Read More

How to Lose Midriff Fat for Women

Although men are prone to gain weight around the middle, women can also gain belly fat, especially when genes, hormones and aging are factored in. Not only does this excess fat negatively affect your appearance, it also impacts your health — because it’s linked to breast cancer, high blood pressure, … Read More

5 Moves to Lose Thigh Fat

If you want long, lean, strong legs, you don’t need an arsenal of different moves. All you need is a combination of fat-burning cardio moves and exercises that target your hamstrings and quads.

5 Moves to Lose Thigh Fat=
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5-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout

Are you looking to drop some pounds or improve your endurance? We have you covered! This 5-minute heart-pumping, fat-blasting cardio workout makes a great addition to your regular weightlifting or yoga routine. With five simple moves you can perform almost anywhere, it’s a quick cardio workout that will boost your … Read More