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Top 10 Carbs To Speed Up Your Weight Loss

The carb diet is famous for helping in weight loss. No! This is not anybody’s imagination. Carbohydrates, the right ones that are, can really help you get into shape once more and even bring out your abs. You can tell your friends happily that you are munching on carbs, yet, keeping in a good shape without any hesitation because it works. Unlike the common saying that carbohydrates are the sole cause of obesity, some are there that can help you burn fat and stay active all day long. Wondering what these magic beans are?

Black beans

The simple bean accelerates your weight loss routine to a great extent. They are a good source of protein as well as fibre, helping you burn fat quite easily. They also keep a check on your blood sugar level and see that it does not go over the limits.


This carb-rich breakfast item helps you curb your hunger as well as keep your famished for a long time. It raises your blood sugar to a level that you do not feel hungry any more without causing any health hazard. You can go for pearled barley or a whole hull-less barley with 20-25% of the fibre in just a single serve.

Green peas

Half a cup of peas provides 12% of your regular intake of zinc. Also, it helps you fight obesity issues by increasing the amount of leptin that sends an alert to your stomach when it is full.

Whole wheat bread

Dieting does not necessarily mean that you have to bid goodbye to your sandwiches forever. Just start reading the labels of bread packages and go for ones that say 100% whole wheat bread. They are said to contain 80-90 calories, less than one gram of sugar and 2 grams of fibre per slice.


If you are craving for salty snacks, go for popcorn instead of munching on chips. 3 cups of air-popped popcorn have 90-93 calories, 3.5 grams of fibre and 19 grams of carbs.


Nearly half of the fibre in oatmeal is soluble, turning into a gel-like substance when dissolved. Furthermore, studies reveal that taking an oatmeal every day reduces visceral fat to a great extent.

Whole wheat pasta

Again, this is a food item that does not require bidding adieu anytime soon. Three servings daily can reduce your BMI and abdominal fat. It contains about 198 calories, 5 grams of fibre and 40-43 grams of carbs.

Chocolate milk

Build muscles and burn more fat with one cup of chocolate milk daily. It contains 8 grams of protein per cup and you have consumed one before your workout and the second after, so you have a complete protein package at the time you need it the most.


Reduce your belly bloat in one month by consuming two bananas daily. It is also a very good source of potassium that fights water retention inside the stomach. They are rich in glucose that provides quick energy to the body.


A complete protein snack with 111 calories, 2.5 grams of fibre and 20 grams of carbs is the best breakfast you can grow a habit of besides oatmeal. It helps you build more calorie-burning muscles in your body, thus reducing obesity to a good extent.

Now that you have your list of magical carbs, get on with your diet plan and start working out, you will grow into a lean and healthy shape pretty soon.


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Not Losing Weight? Black Pepper Can Help You Burn Fat Effectively

You may not believe but turns out, this kitchen staple, which is found in every Indian household, can help you fight the bulge. Black pepper, or Kali Mirch in Hindi, has many health benefits and weight loss is one of them. Loaded with enormous nutrients, the king of spices works more than just a flavour enhancer when added to your diet. In fact, you would want to include this healthy spice black pepper in your daily diet, especially, if you’re trying to lose weight and trim down your waistline.

Various research studies suggest the piperine, the active ingredient in black pepper, helps to promote weight loss, improve digestion, boosts metabolism, and treat many skin problems.

In a recent study, researchers at the Sri Venkateswara University in India found that piperonal in black pepper significantly reduced the harmful effects of a high-fat diet in rats.

The Indian study discovered that rats given the compound as a supplement for six weeks had a lower body weight, body fat percentage and blood sugar levels as well as stronger bones compared to animals fed fatty foods only and no pepper.

Their findings suggest that that piperonal, the pungent ingredient in black pepper, might have also helped regulate some of the genes associated with obesity.

“Our findings demonstrate the efficacy of piperonal as a potent anti-obesity agent, provide scientific evidence for its traditional use and suggest the possible mechanism of action,” the study authors wrote in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism.

Here’s how to use black pepper for weight loss

Black pepper can be either ingested or applied externally. Here are a few tips to incorporate this magical spice into your weight loss regimen:

> Just take a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and add it to your cup of tea – a combination of black pepper and ginger (black pepper ginger tea) works very well in burning calories naturally.

> Include black pepper in your fruit or vegetable juice to improve digestion and help you with weight loss.

> Black pepper can be consumed directly – if you can tolerate the heat of black pepper, try taking 2 to 3 black peppercorns every morning to boost your metabolism.

> You can also buy black pepper essential oils that offer a host of health benefits apart from helping you to lose weight.

Black pepper lowers cholesterol, provides relief from pain and aches, treats sinus and asthma, and encourages circulation.


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How To Lose Weight With These 7-Minute Exercises

How to lose weight without having to spend hours at the gym is something you’ve probably been wondering for ages now. You may be serious about achieving your fitness goals, however your busy schedule understandably makes it difficult for you to commit to a daily routine. Moreover, while waking up in the morning can be a pain, the thought of exercising after work is unbearable altogether. Even if you’ve been exercising at home to burn those stubborn calories, you may not have been able to stick to a particular routine. And to see the results you want, being consistent with your workout is extremely important. But lack of free time shouldn’t get between you and your fitness goal. The good news is that you no longer have to set aside a whole hour in order to work out, because there’s a way how to lose weight and burn up to one inch of belly fat in just seven minutes a day. All you need to do is replace your workout routine with a bodyweight circuit and you’ll have a flat(er) stomach in no time.

How To Lose Weight By Working Out For 7 Minutes A Day

According to a study published in Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, seven minutes of bodyweight exercises per day can change your body for the better. This new research supports the effectiveness of a super quick workout which can be done at any time of the day.

The researchers who released these findings recruited 29 adults to participate in their study. These 29 adults weighed a normal amount but did not exercise regularly, and were later divided into different groups. One of these groups was asked to complete an exercise program while the other did not exercise at all. Researchers then went on to observe them for a six-week period, during which the group that was chosen to work out went through a seven-minute bodyweight circuit comprising 12 exercises a day. These sets of exercises included 30 seconds each of jumping jacks, wall sits, push-ups, push-ups with rotation crunches, step-ups, tricep dips on a chair, squats, high knees/running in place, plank holds and side planks. 10 seconds of rest were permitted between every exercises.

Without having to undergo any changes in their existing diet, the group that worked out experienced significant changes in their body composition. By the end of the study, their body fat decreased by an average of 2.1 per cent with a loss of four pounds (1.8 kg) of fat mass. They also shed almost an inch of their waist measurement.

What You Need To Know About The 7-Minute A Day Program

According to the researchers who carried out this study, in order to boost lean body mass and help burn fat, body weight exercises played a major role in achieving effective weight loss.

Speaking to Men’s Health, trainer Tony Gentilcore, C.S.C.S., owner of CORE in Boston, revealed that the way how to lose weight and get shredded in seven minutes a day is to manage expectations with a quick and effective workout program. Consistency in performing the routine is also extremely crucial. The only problem with performing exercises that use your bodyweight is that the results you witness will most likely plateau and cap after a period of time.

Men who are on the healthier side, have more weight to shed and are also new to exercising in general, might see results for longer. But eventually, things will hit a wall. Since the study was conducted only for six weeks, any progress after that point is unknown.

But if you expect continued progress over time, it might not be possible with little progressive overload from the exercises. And if you’re aiming to gain strength or grown muscles, it might seem a tad difficult. As per Gentilcore, the key to building strength and muscle (and progressive overload) is to continuously challenging your muscles with more weight or reps.

So, if you want to get ripped, you’ll need a routine or exercise program that progresses continuously, preventing your muscles from getting too comfortable. But if basic belly fat is what you’re looking to shed, these seven-minute exercises should do the trick. In fact, the researchers who conducted the study even say that this could be a good starting point for beginners to get into an exercise routine or even for regular exercises to take a break with a quick workout plan when facing time constraints. These exercises could also be beneficial for people always on the go or those who’d rather not spend on a gym membership to stay fit.


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Weight Loss: Man Lost 50kg In 10 Months, Banished Belly Fat By Cutting Out This Food From His Diet

It’s not just the women but men too want a practical solution to slimming that fits into their lifestyle, perhaps, one that’s accessible and realistic. While weight loss is not that easy for anyone, the evidence is mounting that it’s feasible for anyone to attain a healthy weight, except they need to find their best way or the right strategy there. Some people lose weight easily simply by following a healthy eating plan without going to the gym or having a good workout plan. That’s because diet plays a vital role in weight loss apart from exercise and other lifestyle habits such as sleep, and stress management.

While there are many tricks and tips that can help you lose weight fast, sticking with a proper eating plan may be the best method to get rid of excess fat, including the most dangerous fat and disease-promoting belly fat.

Today, we are going to reveal an incredible weight loss journey of a man who managed to lose a huge amount of weight – eight stone (50kg) – in just 10 months by cutting one particular food from his diet.

According to a report in the, the man known only as his username ‘Pievo’, the man revealed that he started out weighing 24 stone five pounds. However, he managed to get down to 15 stone nine pounds in just ten months by eliminating one particular thing from his diet.

Wondered, what’s his secret to losing a massive amount of weight?

Here’s how he did it – “gave up the booze, gym twice a day (cardio and strength training) nearly every day,” wrote the man, who also shared his before and after pictures to other Reddit users.

“Never skip leg days. Meal planning every week. Plenty of water,” he added.

Of course, alcohol leading to weight gain is no secret, and their link has been proven by a number of studies.

As per a study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, people who drink heavily when they’re younger have a higher risk of gaining excess weight and becoming overweight or obese when they’re older.

Alcoholic drinks, particularly common beverages such as beer and cocktails, are high in calories. And if you’re trying to shed a few pounds, you would want to burn more calories than you consume.

In fact, it’s not just the calories from alcohol itself, drinking can lower your inhibitions and sense of awareness, making you to more likely to overeat. This can lead to weight gain, slowed fat loss and obesity.

So, cutting alcohol out of your diet can be one of the best things you can do to lose weight and keep it off. Also, try to cut back on sugar and starches this holidays season. This will lower your insulin levels, kill your appetite and make you lose weight without hunger.


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Four Simple Diet Changes That Will Help You Lose Weight, Flatten Your Stomach Overnight

More and more people are becoming fat and overweight – thanks to their hectic sedentary lifestyle, which can potentially contribute to ill health and many preventable causes of death. And if you are overweight, shedding a few pounds will benefit you in a number of ways. It will reduce your risk of various health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc. But just as looking good doesn’t come easy, dropping weight, doesn’t happen overnight – unless you are totally committed to a healthy weight loss plan.

In fact, many normal weight people, particularly women, would still try to eliminate belly fat, which is a dangerous risk factor for various conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

Basically, a healthy weight loss programme consists of a reduced calorie, nutritionally-balanced diet and exercise plan. A combination of diet and exercise is best at any stage of weight loss, and this has been proven and supported by a number of research studies.

However, even if you follow a good diet and fitness routine, if you’re not getting the sleep your body needs, you won’t drop as much fat as you might have expected. The truth is that sleep is a vital driver of every physiological system in the human body, and when we’re deprived of shut-eye, health and wellbeing can suffer in many ways.

Yet, getting adequate sleep can be difficult to achieve in quality and quantity over the festival period. But it’s important that you get enough snooze each night to combat the effect of all those mince pies. That’s because a lack of sleep could be adding to your waistline, while enough time in bed could help you trim down.

A recent study suggests that 74 percent of dieters who had a regular sleep routine were able to shift eight pounds, as per a report in the The study of 1,000 people by Forza Supplements found that getting between seven and eight hours of sleep was best for the waistline.

Talking about the study, Pippa Campbell, nutritionist and weight loss coach, said, “When we sleep we burn most of our fat, so if we don’t sleep this can significantly affect weight loss. Interrupted or impaired sleep can cause a pre-diabetic state, making you feel hungry even if you’ve already eaten, which can wreak havoc on your weight.”

Your food habits can seriously impact your sleep. Here are the four changes to make to your diet to help you achieve deep sleep and lose weight overnight:

Eat Cherries

Health experts say cherries have been found to contain small amounts of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep cycles.

“Although all cherries may contain some melatonin, tart ‘Montmorency’ cherries, in particular, have been found in a clinical trial to increase the body’s melatonin levels and increase sleep time,” said Cassandra Barns, a nutritionist.

No starchy carbs before bed

Avoid starchy carbs and sugars that will raise your blood sugar as well as disrupt your sleep. When blood sugar drops too low, you may wake up and be unable to fall back asleep.

Barns noted, “However, if you are suffering from severe stress you may find that a pre-bedtime small protein or carb snack might help around 10 pm. In these instances, I advise my clients to eat some almond butter on a small rye or gluten-free cracker.”

Avoid alcohol

According to experts, alcohol can be a reason for people to wake up throughout the night. While festivals can be a time where people might drink a few more than usual, drinking alcohol before bed can disrupt your sleep.

Dr Marilyn Glenville, author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar, said, “Alcohol has a diuretic effect on the body so it can wake you to go to the toilet but also leave you very thirsty. It also stops the passage of tryptophan into your brain and it this amino acid which is converted into serotonin, the ‘feel good’ brain chemical.”

Get enough Vitamin B

Focus on foods rich in B vitamins, which have many health benefits – for example, vitamin B12 encourages healthy levels of melatonin, a hormone that supports healthy sleep. Tuna, chicken breast and yogurt are all rich in vitamin B.

This holiday season, make simple changes to your eating habits to make weight loss even easier.