This One Thing Is Stopping You From Slimming Down

Weight Loss Diet Food

If you’re doing everything you can to slim down but the pounds won’t shift, this could be why.

Feeling full can actually make people eat more and leave you reaching for more food just like you would when hungry, scientists say.

Experiments found that rats … Read More

How To Get Bigger Arm Muscles

Bigger Arm Muscles

Developing strong muscular arms is integral part of sculpting a well rounded physique. I’ll show you how.

The Workout

Day 1: Biceps One Arm Preacher Curl Drop sets (each arm, four different weights) 3 x Slow Motion Barbell Curls

Day 2:
Triceps 4 x 8 … Read More

The Best Workouts You Can Do in Just 2 Minutes

The Best Workouts

It’s a busy day, and you’re glued to your computer. Aside from your 10-minute lunch break, you know there won’t be any time to step away from your responsibilities, which makes a workout totally out of the question. Though sneaking away for a 30-minute sweat session is impossible, that doesn’t … Read More

The Best Exercises To Boost Your Metabolism

The Best Exercises

The key to burning calories and ultimately losing weight is to kick your metabolism into gear. Your metabolism is your body’s ability to facilitate chemical reactions — and when we refer to it in terms of physical fitness, it’s more or less in conjunction with the physiological process of breaking … Read More

What’s The Right Age To Join A Gym

Join A Gym

Exercise should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle irrespective of age

Human body undergoes changes as it grows older. With exercise and good nutrition, one can enjoy the most from the years to come. Joining a gym is becoming a trend, but what is the right age to work out … Read More