Yoga Vs Pilates: Which Is Right For You?

Yoga vs Pilates

Before signing up for a seemingly life-changing series of Pilates sessions, or twisting into a pretzel posture at a yoga class, learn more about the two disciplines and whether they are suitable for you.

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How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Lose Weight Without

There are many ways to lose weight without having to go overboard and making things more difficult for you.

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Things You Should Know About Yogalates


Once popular in the West, Yogalates is becoming popular in India too. Jonathan Urla is credited with creating this fitness routine in 1997. Yogalates helps develop one’s core strength and build flexibility. Fitness and Wellness Coach, Aparna Pathak, tells us more about this new fitness routine.

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Yoga Vs Pilates: What is The Better Workout?

Yoga Vs Pilates

Strength and flexibility
Both yoga and Pilates are great for improving strength and flexibility. Both will tone your body and improve your posture. However, while improving the flexibility of your body and joints through stretching and holding poses is important in yoga, it is not a key focus area for … Read More

Get a Handle on Fat Loss in 2017

Fat Loss in 2017

Ten tips for a figure-flattering year.

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Can you do yoga to burn your body fat?

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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Fitness tips to stick to this monsoon

Don’t let the upcoming monsoon season deter you from staying fit. Follow these tips and stay healthy…

Dance like nobody is watching
Monsoon can be enjoyed from indoors with music and dance. As you watch it pour, put on some music and dance your heart out. This makes your body … Read More