Want To Lose Belly Fat? Make Sure To Eat These Winter Fruits

Winter Fruits

Want to lose belly fat? Make sure to eat these winter fruits

Losing weight and especially that extra bulge around your abdomen is no easy task and requires a lot of efforts. And when it’s winter time, it can be very difficult to get out of bed and exercise. No wonder, so many people dread piling on the ‘winter weight’!

Why go for seasonal fruits?

Having plenty of fruits and vegetables is the key to staying healthy and getting rid of excess weight, adding seasonal fruits in your daily diet can help make up for your intake of fibre, essential vitamins as well as antioxidants which keep the immunity up and reduce chances of inflammation.

Why is belly fat so rigid?

If there is something everybody can agree on, it is the problem of getting rid of belly fat. Even if you have a fit body, it’s possible that you might be having a belly bulge. It requires long-term exercise and dietary restrictions to beat the stubbornness.

To regulate your weight, it is important to target the fat cells of your body, which can only be done by eating metabolism boosting food which helps burn the fat faster. Eating fibre-rich foods will also boost digestive health and keep the water weight away and bloating away in the long run. Here are five such fruits which you should make sure to include in your daily diet:


Oranges are the best source of vitamin C. Not just that, they also boost immunity with the presence of important nutrients like minerals, potassium. It also contains minimal fat and calories, which make them an excellent diet option for losing weight.


Guavas contain a lot of protein, fibre which are not only good for the body but also take longer to digest and break down, keeping you fuller in the process. Not just that, they contain a lot less sugar than the other fruits and aids healthy digestion.


A study conducted in Oregon found that grapes contain an essential enzyme in them, elegiac acid which targets the fat cells in the body and stops them from growing. Hence, this winter it is good if you eat more of grapes!


Eating chikoo is a great way to get rid of the flab and do away with the extra fat lugging on your body. One of the best benefits of chikoo is the easy digestive properties, which not just relives symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) but also does not make you feel hungry often.


Figs, better known as anjeer in hindi have a high concentrate of dietary fibre which can keep your stomach fuller for longer. It contains an enzyme known as ‘ficin’ which helps digest food better and faster, helping you lose the belly fat faster.


In the struggle to lose weight, it is important to keep yourself full and not binge on foods laden with extra calories. Apples are a good answer for that. Loaded with multivitamins and fibre, they help you stay full for longer and cut down on your cravings.


The juicy red fruit is not just tasty and full of iron content, it also contains metabolism-boosting antioxidants which flush out toxins and lower your appetite, which has incredible benefits for weight loss.

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