Weight Loss Tip #101 – Eat a light dinner

Dinner is usually our last meal of the day and it should be the lightest one too. This is because our body does not need much energy during night and the body should be able to digest the food easily. If you eat something heavy at night and do not utilise that energy, it gets stored as fat. You are likely to gain more weight and burn fewer calories if you continue with this habit.
Weight Loss Tip #101 – Eat a light dinner=
It is advised to eat light and maintain a gap of at least two-three hours between your meal and bedtime. If you think you will get hungry if you eat too less, here’s how to have a light yet filling dinner. It is ideally recommended to eat dinner by sunset so that there is enough time for your body to digest the food before you sleep. Here are more reasons why you should do so. But if you think this does not work for you or you often feel hungry by the time you retire for the night, you can have glass of warm milk before bed. Or try these healthy snacks.

So make this a habit and you will soon see its effects on the weighing scale. You will not just lose weight, but will also feel more energised, have a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh. Here are tips on what to eat for dinner to lose weight.

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