Winter Weight Loss: 5 Tips and Tricks To Shed the Extra Kilos Naturally in This Nippy Weather

Winter Weight Loss

Trust us, a whole array of winter veggies and fruits are on your side. Here are 5 ways you can fire up the weight loss in winters.

Winters are here and so are the unwanted winter pounds. Let’s admit it, Winters are not the best weather to go out, run and burn up the extra calories. In addition to the ever declining temperatures, the winter comfort foods in gajar ka halwa, mac and cheese further takes us away from our weight loss ambitions. But that doesn’t mean you go on sulking about the extra set of pounds around your belly and do nothing about it. While it is true, that our metabolism in winters might take a hit (as defence mechanism to prepare your body for the harsh temperatures), but if you are determined you can in fact use the dipping temperatures to lose weight. Trust us, the whole array of winter veggies and fruits are on your side. Here are 5 ways you can fire up the weight loss in winters.

1. Proteins

In addition to building musvle mass, proteins induces a feeling of satiety which prevents you from binging into other fattening foods. Protein can also help stabilise blood sugar levels. Opt for le4an proteins over the fatty ones found in red meat. Chicken, , seafood, eggs, beans, low-fat dairy, soy, nuts, and seeds, are the best sources of lean protein you can bank up on.

2.Winter Veggies

From the juicy and crunchy carrots, radishes and beetroot to the lush winter greens like methi, spinach and mustard, the winter veggies are here and how. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals – apart from being a storehouse of nutrients, some of these wonder veggies also help you shed those the excess flab around your tummy. Their rich content of fibre which takes the longest to digest, making you feel full. Fibre also regulates bowel regularity, thereby aiding smoother digestion.

3.Load up on Winter fruits

Not just the veggies, a host of winter fruits like apples, guavas, winter berries are packed with fibre too. Without compromising your intake of proteins, vitamins and fiber, guava helps you lose weight by regulating your metabolism. The pectin fibre in apples plays a dula role in regulating both diarrhea and constipation.

4.Drink Lots of Water

Not drinking enough water or fluids could make the intestines stiff, thereby making the food passage tougher. For smoother movement through intestines and elimination of waste, it is essential to be hydrated at all time. So keep taking sips of water through the day, warm water is even better. Have stews and soups to increase your fluid intake. Water based vegetables like radishes, and tomatoes are very effective too.

5. Choose your carbs smartly

Ditch the refined staple of white bread, white rice, and cereals that are low in fiber digested and absorbed quickly with the whole variety of foods. The whole grains, and whole variety of foods are also and added booster for your good heart health. Pick good carb source such as vegetables they also make for your fill of protein and fiber. Beans and dairy are also ideal source of carbohydrates.



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