10 Best Summer Detox Waters To Burn Fat Fast

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Summer is probably the best time for weight loss. What with all that scorching heat, your body tends to sweat more and in turn, helps you shed some kilos off it. But with the increasing heat, your hydration level needs to increase too. And this season, instead of opting for cool sodas or other fizzy drinks, try sipping on water instead. Now, we know that it’s not the most exciting alternative, so to help you fix that, we’ve rounded up some of the best detox waters to keep you hydrated and healthy this summer. Your options include coconut water and freshly squeezed lime juice to help you recover the electrolytes that you lose when you sweat. And apart from those, you could also stock up on rejuvenating fruit and vegetable-infused waters in advance to carry with you wherever you go. Here, we’ve rounded up 10 detox waters to include in your daily diet and help you lose weight fast.

Best detox waters to lose weight fast

1. Lemon and mint detox water

Lemon not only has cooling properties but is also great for weight loss. You may have heard that squeezing lime in warm water and consuming it on an empty stomach leads to weight loss. But if you cut up lemon slices and add them to your water along with some mint leaves for flavour, it could not only boost weight loss but also help rejuvenate your skin. This drink will keep you cool, aid in digestive health and also keep you hydrated when it’s hot.

Cucumber detox water

You might have heard of the phrase ‘as cool as a cucumber’. Well, use it as your summer gourd as an essential addition to your diet and you’ll see the results it brings to your health in no time. A rich source of Vitamin B, potassium and magnesium, cucumber is a great choice for a summer detox drink. Plus, it’s low in calories and aids in weight loss as it curbs appetite and is filled with satiating fiber.

Apple and cinnamon detox water

Apple and cinnamon are a great combination for burning fat, especially during the summer. You could also add a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to the detox drink to increase its fat burning power. The spicy flavour of cinnamon helps boost your metabolism while apple helps keep you satiated for longer.

Grapefruit detox water

Grapefruit is another excellent fat-burning fruit that you could include in your summer detox water recipes. If you consume it before your meals on an empty stomach, the citrus fruit will aid in quick weight loss. Grapefruit is rich in nutrients and if a few pieces of the fruit are infused with your water, it could help increase their fat burning capacity and make them naturally sweeter.

Orange detox water

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which helps in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. The vitamin content in the citrus fruit also helps convert unwanted fat into energy instead of storing it in your body. Just a few pieces of orange added to your summer detox water could keep you feeling fresh and also aid in weight loss.

6. Watermelon and strawberry mint detox water

Watermelon as its name suggests, is a water heavy fruit and is extremely filling when consumed by itself. And not only is the fruit delicious to taste but it also contains health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, improving insulin response and alleviating muscle soreness. On the other hand, strawberries are rich in antioxidants which helps you lose weight. So the combination of these two fruits in your detox water could make your drink a nutritional powerhouse.

Mango and ginger detox water

Apart from an incredibly soothing flavour, the combination of ginger and mango infused in your summer detox water also provides some health benefits. Mangoes boost metabolism, aid in digestion, help increase memory power and also your libido. On the other hand, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties to help you lose weight fast.

Blueberry lavender water

Now this combination might stand out from all the other detox water recipes since it includes an edible flower, but the thing about edible flowers is that they are really good for health. These flowers are natural plants similar to any other fruit or vegetable and some flowers contain healthy nutrients that are beneficial to your body. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and add a great flavour to the drink. However, note that not all flowers are edible so ensure you do your research well before you prepare the drink.

Aloe Vera detox water

Aloe Vera has tons of health benefits. It aids in weight loss and is also a great grooming ingredient for healthy skin and hair. When you prepare your own Aloe Vera water, you will be ensuring that your body is packed with rich nutrients that naturally increase your energy levels and help you fight fatigue. Aloe Vera also helps increase blood circulation and improves digestion.

Peach mint detox water

This detox drink is great to help you get through a hot summer day. The water and mint provide natural air conditioning and will help keep you cool for hours. Sipping on this healthy detox water will also help supress your appetite considerably. It also has a naturally sweet flavour so instead of loading on sugar, you can consume this drink to help you lose weight and keep yourself hydrated at the same time. It will increase your metabolism, relieve you from the sensation of bloating.

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