20 Diuretic Foods to Lose Weight, Detox and Lower Blood Pressure

In case you are dealing with high blood pressure or water retention, increased diuretic food intake can be very helpful. This type of foods can assist your body’s efforts to eliminate excess fluid in the system which can also contribute to weight loss.

This is a list of 20 diuretic foods to lose weight that you can eat on a daily basis.


Lemons have the ability to spice up the taste of water, but this is not the only thing that this fruit can provide. They can ease hypertension and other health problems. Mix some lemon juice with water and enjoy the health benefits.


Many nutritionists agree that oats are very helpful when it comes to weight loss. Although they appear as a food that has great absorption properties, they are diuretic in their nature and can help you with water retention.


Celery is rich in water which means that it will accelerate your urge for urination. For some people the chewiness of celery might be a problem and in this case you can use celery in a smoothie.

Brussels Sprouts

Although Brussels sprouts are probably one of the least desired foods, the truth is that this vegetable is very healthy – it is packed with antioxidants and doesn’t have many calories.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is something that we can find in almost every modern household, but only a small number of people are aware of this item’s health benefits. The most important benefit is the stimulation of the system to cleanse itself from excess fluids.


The list of health benefits of ginger is very long and one of these benefits includes its ability to cleanse the body and remove retained fluid from the system.
20 Diuretic Foods to Lose Weight, Detox and Lower Blood Pressure=


Cabbage is another strong diuretic that you can add on the menu. In addition, eating cabbage on a regular basis can prevent heart disease.


These vegetables are diuretic and rich in various antioxidants like betalain for example. This antioxidant is very rare and found in a small number of foods. If you want to get the most from beets, look for fresh beets.


Parsley includes many different antioxidants and has strong diuretic properties.

Cranberry Juice

In case you had to deal with a UTI then you probably know how helpful cranberry juice can be. The main reason for its efficiency is its diuretic properties.


Use eggplant as a side dish to your main meal in order to eliminate excess water in the system.

Caffeinated Beverages

Tea, coffee and other similar beverages rich in caffeine act as diuretics. They can lower blood pressure and help you lose weight.


Drinking plenty of water can help the elimination of extra fluid from the system


These vegetables are excellent diuretics. You can use them in their natural form or drink tomato juice.


Cucumbers contain large amounts of water which means they are supporting hydration. Read more about Sassy Water here.


Watermelons are also rich in water and they act as very efficient diuretics.


Most people know that carrots can do wonders for our vision, but this tasty vegetable has few other health benefits too.


Garlic can cleanse and detoxify the body in few different ways, so make sure to eat garlic at least three times a week.


Artichokes provide similar effects found in prescription medication for water retention. They are very strong diuretics. Use them as a natural alternative to prescription medications.


Asparagus is a potent diuretic packed with nutrients which means that you will get double benefit by eating these vegetables.

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