25 Exercise Ball Workouts Poster for a Total-Body Workout

25 best stability ball exercises poster to develop your core strength, balance, and flexibility.

You probably already know the benefits and effectiveness of body weight exercises.

Exercise ball is one fitness equipment that can add challenges and effectiveness to your bodyweight workouts.
25 Exercise Ball Workouts Poster for a Total-Body Workout =

Studies have shown that performing your typical bodyweight exercises like push-ups, planks and crunches on a stability ball can increase the effectiveness of the exercise by over 30%.

And if you’re trying to get rid of lower belly fat and love handles— the Swiss ball activates the lower abs 38% more than the regular crunches you do on the floor.

Talking about six-pack abs and lower abs workout…

The unstable surface of the stability ball forces your muscles to heighten their readiness, and your body will call upon more muscles into action to help stabilize your body and control that unstable surface, says EXOS, formerly known as Core Performance.

Stability ball workouts create better body awareness.

Working with the stability ball is one of the best ways to perform effective core exercises than doing on the floor.

Working out on an exercise ball can lead to a lower risk of injury because you’ll be less likely to turn or twist a knee or your back when you’re knocked off balance.

They are perfect for developing core strength, flexibility, and balance.

This exercise ball chart features 25 of best ball exercises you can do to develop your core strength, flexibility and balance.
25 Exercise Ball Workouts Poster for a Total-Body Workout =

This is the perfect visual exercise ball poster to use for a total-body workout.

These ball exercises will target and work your chest (pectoral) muscles, core ( including your lower abs), lower back, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and triceps.

This exercise ball workout poster features:

  • 25 of the most effective ball exercises you can do. Great for core strength, balance and flexibility.
    Easy to follow: Clearly Illustrated start/ finish body positions and target muscle labels showing exactly which muscles are targeted during each exercise.
    Workout for your entire body: Ball exercises for the entire body— upper and lower abs and core workouts.
    Build your strength, transform your body, and improve your posture
    Helpful reference guide for how to perform and make simple body exercises more fun and challenging.
    Lifetime’s worth of stability ball exercise options to keep you challenged each workouts
  • Head over to Amazon and grab your very own stability ball workout poster to get started on transforming your body

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