3 Drinks To Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat Naturally

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Let us admit it; weight loss is not a cakewalk. No matter how luring fad diets and quick hacks may seem, you must understand that for a sustainable weight loss you need to have balanced diet and a fitness regimen in place. Another aspect that you need to look after is your metabolism. Metabolism refers to a complex set of processes that happen within your cell, which is essential to sustain good health and life. The foods you eat get metabolised to give you energy. The faster the metabolism, the easier it is for you to maintain weight. A person with good metabolism is able to burn more calories effectively, and prevent us from putting on extra kilos. While some of us are just lucky in that regard and are genetically blessed with a high metabolic rate, some of us are not.

Here are some drinks that are known to boost metabolism and weight loss:

1. Lemon water with honey: The miracle potion has been a favourite with nutritionists for its metabolism boosting properties. Lemon is packed with ascorbic acid and pectin fibre, both of which are known to burn fat. Honey is a powerhouse of antioxidants and flavonoids that help boost one’s immunity. It has a low glycaemic index, which enables slow release of sugar in the system.

2. Tomato Juice: You thought tomatoes are good only for flavouring your curries? Turns out, it is an excellent weight loss-friendly food too! A 100 grams serving of tomatoes contain just about 18 calories. Tomatoes are plump with antioxidants, one of the most significant being – lycopene. According to experts, lycopene may rev up metabolism naturally. Tomatoes encourage the production of the amino acid called Carnitine, which is an organic molecule that plays an important role in the regulation of fatty acid and energy metabolism.

3. Amla Juice: The Ayurvedic superfood is renowned for its fat burning properties and boosting metabolism. Ayurveda Expert Dr. Ashutosh Gautam shares that the alkaline nature of amla helps in clearing and strengthening the digestive system. Amla juice is rich in fibre, which makes it great for boosting digestion. A healthy gut and digestive system is great for an effective weight loss.

Try these drinks and see the results for yourself!

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