5 Diet Tips To Load Up On Protein In Winters

High Protein Diet

From five extra minutes inside our blankets to a cup of hot chocolate and to over-sized hoodies, our list of ‘winter essentials’ is fairly long and diverse. If you are looking to shed those extra kilos this season, you may want to include a handful of healthy winter foods in your list of winter essentials too. With the transition in season, our kitchen pantry has witnessed a revamp of sorts as well. A bunch of these ingredients are known to do wonders for weight loss. Protein plays a crucial role in healthy weight management. It keeps you full and reduces your urge to binge. Since a lot of us lose sight of healthy eating during winters, it is important you not only include protein in your diet but also distribute it well throughout the day.

Here are tips to maximise protein-intake during winters:

1. Chicken Soups

Soothing and soulful, a big bowl of chicken soup can give us a reason to smile even on one of our dreary days. It’s a good thing that the comfort treat is so healthy too. Chicken is a source of good quality lean protein that may help build muscle and aid weight loss. If you feel like having a light dinner, you can opt for a clear chicken broth.

2. Turmeric Milk

One of India’s oldest remedy to every injury and pain, haldi doodh is also another winter staple that could help give you a protein boost. Cow’s milk is an incredible source of protein; when coupled with healing and antiseptic benefits of turmeric, this beverage becomes a treasure of nutrients. You can consume a glass of haldi doodh an hour before sleeping.

3. Eggs

Eggs make for an excellent breakfast food not only because they are easy to prepare and so yummy, but also they are super enriched with nutrients, particularly protein. Eggs are, in fact, the best bio-available source of protein.

4. Trail Mix

Cravings are natural, especially if there’s a huge time window between two meals. Instead of tucking into a pakoda or grabbing a pack of chips, you can munch into a mix of nuts and seeds like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and almonds. They are all incredible sources of protein.

5. Peas

There are plenty of winter veggies that you can use for your lunch. Peas or matar, for instance, is one seasonal delight we cannot get enough of. It is also a rich source of protein and fibre.

These tips may help you meet your protein requirements of the day. Make sure you have a dedicated workout regime in place as well. A sustainable weight loss routine is a mix of both diet and physical activity.

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