5 Easy Tricks To Lose Weight At Home In The Morning

Weight Loss

Starting with workout early in the day helps keep the body active and fresh throughout the day. Once you make exercise a part of your daily regime in the morning, you are less likely to skip it in comparison to when you keep it for the latter half of the day. It is also said that men tend to have higher testosterone levels in the morning and hence, it is beneficial to begin the day with a bout of exercise cycle.

Wondering how to go about it early morning? Here are five tricks to keep in mind that can help you lose weight and stay fit for a longer period of time.

Workout on empty stomach

If you are just beginning to lose weight and need to cut off the extra flab from your body, starting with light exercises before breakfast can help lose the fat. Since your body is not focused on digesting huge amounts of food, it has almost 20 per cent more potential to burn fat and give a jump-start to your metabolism.

Keep the intensity high with body weight circuits

Planks, mountain climbers, squat-lunges, kick sits and burpees are some high-intensity exercises that you can try at home to lose weight. Make sure you do each exercise for at least 15 minutes and repeat it three times.

Stimulate muscle protein intake

While working out, some of the proteins in the muscles are broken down or damaged. Go for a protein-rich diet after exercising as protein boosts your metabolism. Many nutritionists recommend consuming 20-30 grams of protein after your workout session.

Take carbs post workout

The body uses glycogen stored in the body as fuel for exercise. Hence, it is important to take proper carbs intake after exercising. Keep a gap of one hour after your workout session so that the body gets time to burn fat.

Balance out your calorie count

The most important step to lose weight is to maintain a constant calorie deficit. Avoid junk food and high sugar products. Instead, add healthier options such as salads, eggs, brown bread and follow a high protein diet.

Get set to follow these easy and simple tricks to lose weight at home.

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