5 Healthy Milkshakes To Get A Flat Tummy

Healthy Milkshakes

Do you have ‘weight loss’ on your New Year’s resolutions list? If yes, then, you have just come to the right webpage! According to previous studies, nearly one-third of the world’s population is either overweight or obese and we guess that makes it more obvious that many of us resolute to lose weigh.in the coming year!

The most annoying problem of being overweight is having a fat tummy and once someone gets it, only they know how hard it is to lose fat from that part! It is often noticed that losing belly fat is the hardest thing to accomplish but, do you know that there exist some milkshakes which can actually help you shed some inches from your tummy? Yes, that’s true!

Milkshakes, apart from being delectable and healthy, can also contribute to weight loss But, how do they do it? We’ll tell you how! Milkshakes are naturally very filling for the stomach and when you drink them, they make you feel full for a very long time, which in turn, helps in hunger management and weight loss! The best part is that it is almost everyone’s favourite and is very easy-to-make! So, read on to find out the 5 best milkshakes that can help you in getting a flat tummy!

1. Choco milkshake

What can be better than having a chocolate milkshake and losing weight at the same time? Nothing! Made with 4 simple ingredients: vanilla almond milk, ripe banana, honey and cocoa powder, this milkshake recipe is very easy-to-make! This recipe is vegan and gluten-free, which means everyone can enjoy it without any worries!

2. Cake batter milkshake
If you love cakes but don’t have the time to bake them then, this drink is just made for you! This milkshake is nothing but a drinkable version of the cake. You can prepare this delectable beverage by blending kefir, ice cubes, rolled oats, butter, vanilla paste, stevia and almonds. So, try it now!

3. Matcha green tea milkshake

This creamy, thick and naturally green milkshake is very low in calories plus it can give you a dose of caffeine as well! Just blend plain greek yoghurt, ice cubes, unsweetened almond milk, matcha powder, stevia, vanilla paste and almonds to make this mouth-watering milkshake!

4. Strawberry chia seeds milkshake
Do you know that chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and fibres? Chia seeds are known for their ability to make you feel full for long hours. So, make this milkshake by just blending unsweetened almond milk, vanilla protein powder, frozen strawberries and chia seeds.

5. Cherry milkshake

Losing weight without compromising on taste is the best thing ever! Satisfy your sweet tooth with this yummy and healthy milkshake. Prepare it with just four ingredients: frozen cherries, plain greek yoghurt, stevia and vanilla almond milk.

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