5 Low-Carb Winter Snacks To Help You Get Through The Chills

Low-Carb Winter Snacks

Winters are that time of the year when you tend to give in to your temptations and hanker for rich, warm decadents. Parathas and makke ki roti take place of smoothie bowls and salads, and our weight loss goals go down the drain. If you have a set menu for your meals for the winters, we won’t ask you to miss out on your favourite foods. But, we would suggest keeping your snacks lighter. Many nutritionists suggest cutting down of carbohydrates to shed extra weight. If you believe this will help you too, the best way to go about is replacing high-carb vegetables and flours with healthy alternatives.

1. Stuffed Peppers

To help your curb your cravings for tokri chaat, gol gappe or raj kachori, cut bell peppers into halves and fill them up a tangy, spicy mixture of onions, tomatoes, curd and lots of spices and bake them. Drizzle some lime juice and throw in coriander leaves, and you’ll get a lip-smacking low-carb chaat.

2. Roasted Nuts Mix

Nuts provide the much-needed warmth and energy during winters. Roast your favourite nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts along with seeds like pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Sprinkle some salt, chilli and lemon juice and enjoy your nutritious snack minus carb-load.

3. Peas Tikki

Avoid aloo tikka or bread cutlet by making use of winter-special green peas. Grind boiled peas and combine with cashews flour or almond flour. Add other ingredients and mould the mixture into round cutlets. Bake them or cook them in little oil on a pan to make low-carb peas tikki.

4. Lettuce Rolls

A great substitute for spring rolls, lettuce rolls will work perfectly to whet your in-between-the-meals hunger. Put together shredded cabbage, carrots and other veggies and smatter them with your choice of spices, vinegar and soy sauce. Roll them inside lettuce leaves and enjoy Chinese-style snack without worrying about carbs.

5. Carrot Chips

Carrot is another winter vegetable that you can eat in aplenty while you can. Peel and cut carrots into thin slices. Sprinkle spices like chaat masala and bake them to treat yourself with a guilt-free snack. You can also eat carrot sticks raw with yogurt dip.

Switching to low-carb diet may help you with your weight loss goals, but eliminating them completely may not be such a great idea. Always consult your dietician before commencing on a new diet.

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