5 Winter Skin Care Tips For A Perfect Radiance

Winter skin care

Winters provide relief from the searing heat of summers. It is a welcome change from the dust and humidity of the earlier season. But winter also brings with it many skin conditions. The dry and cold winter air is not good for your skin. It makes it dry and flaky. You start looking dull and your hair becomes limp. Central heating, dust particles in the wind and environmental pollution adds to your winter woes. No wonder that many people complain of skin eruptions and many other conditions during this time of the time. This is why you need a proper winter skin care ritual.

Of course, it is not possible to stay indoors and away from the elements the whole time. So just follow a good winter skin care regime and get flawless skin. By doing the right things, you can also boost your overall skin health besides making heads turn.

The more you make it a habit to put your skin care first, the more these habits will become second nature to you and you’ll never skip a step no matter how tired and sleepy you are.

Beauty Tips To Maintain Flawless Skin During Winter

The following beauty tips will help you get through the cold and harsh winter season with skin that will wow everyone, including you!

Exfoliating Regularly Is Key

As beautiful the winter season is, it also comes with drying skin. However, there’s a way to fix that with exfoliating. Exfoliating twice a week will keep your skin looking healthy and bring its natural glow back by increasing cellular regeneration and removing dead skin cells. By making exfoliation a habit, you improve your overall skin health, leaving it hydrated and increasing the absorption of moisturizers and serums. Make sure to choose a natural exfoliator in order to avoid any unnecessary added chemicals. This is an essential part of your winter skin care regime.

Remember To Moisturize

We’re often exposed to many pollutants and dust in the air that can have very damaging effects on the skin. As we spend more time outdoors, our skin can take a hit from these pollutants and can often be left feeling dry and flaky. In order to keep your skin hydrated and feeling smooth, moisturizing should be an integral part of your skincare routine. Stay away from moisturizers that have alcohol and try out a natural facial oil to keep your skin looking healthy.

Sunscreen Is Still Necessary

Even though we’ve said goodbye to the summer months, that doesn’t mean it’s time to skip the sunscreen. We are still exposed to the sun’s harmful rays every day and we need to protect our skin from them. Your winter skin care regime must include natural sunscreen or even a natural moisturizer that includes SPF. Try to use a minimum of SPF 15 in order for the sunscreen to be effective.

Invest In A Cleansing Brush

Treat yourself to a spa experience in your very home with a facial cleansing brush. These cleansing brushes are easy to use and are extremely effective in removing excess dirt and makeup without having to use too much force. Cleansing brushes are available in every makeup and skincare store and also come with the additional advantage of treating and preventing acne.

Stay Hydrated With Water

Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated also involves maintaining a healthy diet and drinking lots of water. Dehydration due to lack of water can leave your skin looking dry and flaky and further reduces skin health. Drink at least 8 glasses (250 ml each) of water every day as part of your winter skin care routine. Try to avoid too much alcohol and sugary drinks as these can aggravate the skin and cause breakouts.

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