5 Workouts That Burn Fewer Calories

Burn Fewer Calories

Avoid these 5 workout!

It does not matter what kind of workout you choose to perform as long as you aim to stay fit and healthy. Exercising daily reduces your risk of heart disease, improves your health as well as mood. But if you are exercising to lose weight, then you have to be extra careful about the kind of workout you choose to perform.

One thing which is common among all the weight watchers is that they want instant results, which is only possible by burning more calories. And we all know that the best way to burn calories is by performing high-intensity exercises. There are several kinds of workout regime, but if you want to shed kilos then these 5 exercises are not good for you.


Neither jogging nor walking will give you quick results. Undoubtedly, both the exercises are good for health, but not a preferred choice for losing weight as they burn minimum calories. If you love running and intent to lose weight then try interval training. Running at a fast pace at intervals will help you burn more calories due to the high post-exercise oxygen consumption effect.


There are multiple health benefits of this ancient Indian form of physical activity, but it is not popular for losing weight. Yoga is an ideal exercise for improving your flexibility, increasing your muscle strength, toning your body and calming your mind. It is low-intensity exercise and burns minimum calories unless you are performing Bikram yoga or Vinyasa flow.


Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, Pilates surely has gained limelight in the recent past. It is a great workout for the strengthening core muscles, improving flexibility and joint mobility. However, you should avoid it if you want a quick weight loss result as it does not burn a lot of calories. To torch up more calories try cardio pilates.

Weight training

Weight training is for building muscles and strengthening your bones. It does not help you burn a lot of calories, which is essential when trying to lose weight. Also if you are beginning your weight loss journey then you should avoid strength training exercises, else you will get injured.

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