5 Yoga Asanas That Can Improve Overall Health, For All Age Groups

Yoga Asanas

Yoga is a holistic tool for well-being that can benefit people of all ages. Whether you are 5 or 80 years of age, you are never too young or too old to start practising yoga. When it comes to the practice of yoga, there is an important aspect that we need to take into account. Yoga only works on you as deeply as you allow it to. Which means that yoga’s benefits differ from person to person based on an individual’s capacity, limitations and willingness to work for it. With 84 lakh asanas, yoga offers an overwhelming variety that is suitable for all ages, so you can choose which poses or asanas depending on your physical, and mental ability. Here are a few simple asanas that are suitable for everyone regardless of age.

Adomukhi Svanasana – Downward Dog Pose

Formation of the posture

-> Start on your fours, ensuring palms are under the shoulders and knees below hips

-> Lift the hips up, straighten the knees and elbows, and form an inverted ‘V’ shape

-> Now keep the hands shoulders width apart. Fingers point ahead

-> Put pressure on your palms and open your shoulder blades

-> Try to push your heels to the floor

-> Keep your eye focused on your big toes

-> Hold for eight to ten breaths


-> It stretches and gives strength to your whole body

-> Helps in relieving back pain

-> It rejuvenates your body

-> Useful in relieving headache, fatigue and insomnia

-> Tones the body muscles

-> Gives strength to your legs, feet, shoulders and arms

-> Reduces anxiety and depression

-> By this pose, your body gets a 360-degree stretch


Formation of the posture

-> Lie on your stomach

-> Place your palms under your shoulders and lift your upper body, pelvis and knees up

-> Grip the floor with toes and keep the knees straight

-> Ensure that your knees, pelvis and spine are aligned

-> Your wrists must be exactly below your shoulders with your arms straight

-> Hold the final posture for a while


-> Strengthens thigh, arms and shoulders

-> Makes spine and abdominal muscles robust

-> Builds the core muscles

-> Improves balance in the nervous system

-> Stimulates the Manipura chakra

-> Energizes the entire body and instils a feeling of positivity

-> Develops a sense of inner equilibrium and harmony


Formation of the posture

-> Lie on your stomach

-> Raise your trunk and head with the support of the palms alone

-> The arms should be bent at the elbows

-> Arch your neck slightly backwards and look upwards

-> Make sure that your navel is pressed against the floor

-> Put pressure on your toes by pressing them onto the floor. After that, extend them out

-> Hold the asana for few seconds

Dandasana (Staff Pose)

Formation of the posture

-> Sit down on the ground and begin with Sukhasana

-> Ensure that your back is erect

-> Stretch your legs out in front of you. Your legs must be parallel to each other, and toes should be pointed upwards

-> Tighten the muscles of your pelvis, thighs and calves

-> Align your head in such a way that the crown faces the ceiling and the focus of your gaze is forward. This will automatically straighten and lengthen your spine

-> Place your palms beside your hips on the floor. This will support your spine and also relax your shoulders.

-> Hold the asana for a while


-> This asana helps to strengthen the muscles on your back

-> It also helps to stretch the chest and the shoulders

-> Improves your posture

-> It stretches out the muscles of the lower body

-> The abdomen is stretched and strengthened as well

-> It is known to cure sciatica and asthma

-> This asana helps to focus and calm the mind. When paired with proper breathing, it relieves stress and helps enhance concentration

Ashtanga Pranam

Formation of the posture

-> Begin in santholanasana and drop your knees to the floor

-> Lower your chest down to the floor, bend your arms and land your shoulders right over your palms

-> Let the following parts touch the floor – The two feet, the two knees, the two palms and the chest

-> Ensure that your stomach is off the floor

-> Your elbows must point upwards

-> Your pelvis stays high and your toes stay tucked inwards


-> It strengthens the muscles of the hands and legs

-> It readily flexes and tones your entire body

-> Purifies your body

-> Strengthens the back when held for long

-> Helps to push out toxins which are harmful to your body

Yoga is a great way to bond with your family, and loved ones. Initiate a regular group practice along with your parents, siblings, relatives or friends. There are asanas that can help in strengthening, core-building, flexibility, balancing of energies, and that aid in weight loss. Yoga can also build your confidence, encourage goodness, boost your willpower and eliminate stress from your life. Therefore, do not be deterred by your age and involve yourself in the practice of yoga to enjoy all its wholesome benefits.


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